Jun 23 2012

The Kraving – Book One now available on Smashwords!

Kraving Book One CoverJust released! Book one of The Kraving!

Now available on Smashwords and soon to be available on Amazon!

It was an ordinary day in the small town of Passion Falls. Officer Alan Morris was going on duty. Soccer mom, Susan Thompson, was preparing for her son’s game. College student, Marissa, was ready to review her thesis. And Kris Kraven, owner of the Donut Shack, was receiving a new glaze ingredient for his business. A force greater than fate will soon bring their lives crashing together and each will play their part in determining whether passions rise to feverish mind-glazed levels or Passion Falls lives up to its name. This force is known simply as The Kraving.

The Kraven Kraving is a dream Kris has for his business, something that will keep the customers coming in droves. After trying his new glaze, customers are cumming in an entirely different way, an addictive craving building in their systems, one that will corrupt them in ways never imagined as no boundaries are too strong, no morals too high, and the control over the minds of those around them too much to resist. Will life in Passion Falls become one big uncontrolled orgy or will someone manage to stop The Kraving from destroying innocence forever?

Find out in The Kraving – Book One: Addictive Additives where the dough isn’t the only thing rising to new levels, and the donuts aren’t the only things filled with cream.