Jul 12 2012

Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo available on Smashwords!

Vicki the Voluptuous VimboA new story released today by the Kreme on Smashwords!

Discover the story of Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo!

Vicki was always the good student, the smart girl, the conservatively raised responsible one on campus. This is the story of how she became a creature of the night. Yes, this is how Vicki became a vimbo.

What’s that? What is a vimbo? Well, in simple terms, it’s a genetic off-shoot of a vampire. In more basic terms it’s one you definitely want to meet one night if you’re a red-blooded male.

Vicki and her boyfriend are stopping by the town diner one night, assuming it will be a light crowd. What they find instead is a crowd of vimbos who come out when light isn’t shining to feed.

Vimbos have a special appetite and with the happy couple they find exactly what they are looking for and more. Discover the hidden secret behind vampire myth and vampire fact. Discover what a vimbo craves most. And discover what really sucks about being a creature of the night.

There is no sparkly romance here, just pure vimbo fun as only Kris P. Kreme can Kreate.

Kum and check it out on Smashwords!