Aug 15 2012

Kreme Kuickies – Krempoo and Konditioner

Krempoo & Konditioner Cover - Too ExtremeAnother special bonus for readers of Tales from the Kreme… The uncensored cover of Krempoo and Konditioner! Smashwords won’t accept it, Amazon neither! So here it is!

In other news, the next Readers’ Choice story is being pondered as I write this post and I’ll be starting on it soon. Place a vote today and help make the next book possible!

I also wanted to explain that since Mind Control is really in all of the stories I write, more or less, I’ve taken that choice away from the list. If there are other themes that you think would be good to add, please leave a komment and I’ll add them!

And, one last thing…

The second book of The Kraving, called Passions Rise in Passion Falls, will be released very shortly!

Keep looking for The Kreme!