Oct 23 2012

At long last, Part Three of The Kraving Arrives

The Kraving Book ThreeIt’s been a while and finally the conclusion of The Kraving arrives on Smashwords!

The lines are drawn in Book Three: Thirsty for More.

Hero or villain, who will win?

Will Kris Kraven stop the Kraving he inadvertently unleashed or will Officer Alan Morris of the Passion Falls Police succeed in his perverse goal of spreading lust and depravity to the citizens he used to protect?

Kris is hot on his trail, struggling to put right what has been put wrong, but is there enough time?

With a literal storm building in the darkening skies of Passion Falls, the real storm could come in the passions of its residents, passions unleashed with cravings for only more.

It’s the concluding chase to the finish, and this is one finish that will leave readers thirsty for more. A taste inside that might only grow into… a Kraving.

Read it and find out if The Kraving ever truly dies.

Now Available on Smashwords!