Jun 22 2013

Some trips to the mall can change… Everything.

The Kuickies #3 - Fantasy Fashions: Selective Shopping by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies #3 – Fantasy Fashions: Selective Shopping by Kris P. Kreme

The latest Kreme Kuickie arrives and going to the mall will never be the same again. Stephanie is an attractive redhead originally from Great Britain. Her shopping trip to the mall takes her to a new mysterious store called Fantasy Fashions, where the fashions not only fit the wearer but fit their deepest fantasies as well.

What happens though when fantasies get a bit extreme, and Stephanie’s lust for being rather mechanized in her control creates a change even the store isn’t ready for?

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Stephanie is like most women and enjoys shopping. What she doesn’t enjoy is getting taken by surprise when someone chooses to spray perfume in her face. Entering the unique new store Fantasy Fashions, Stephanie is already upset.

Besides being bothered by the unwanted spritzing of perfume in the face, Stephanie is most surprised to discover who just sprayed it. The woman was someone she witnessed protesting outside this very store only days before, a woman who then looked different than she does now, more substance to her, more behind the blank look in the eyes.

Soon the unwanted entrance event is behind Stephanie and shopping is her goal, with the helpful assistance of a salesman who seems to be hiding something. What he’s hiding is quickly revealed as Stephanie discovers the rather intense techniques used by Fantasy Fashions to satisfy their customers.

Leaving the store in a daze with some unique fashions, Stephanie finds the fashions at Fantasy Fashions unleash much more than fantasies and quickly become her every desire. Heading back to the store for more, will Stephanie get everything she wished for or will the Fantasies become too extreme for the Fashions and leave her more machine than human?

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