Jul 14 2013

Readers wanted more SINtendo, so go to a Petting YOO…

Petting YOO by Kris P. Kreme

Petting YOO by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Whee began years ago with a kid named Kevin and now Kevin returns in an all new story that turns everything around.

Kevin and his fiancee, Amber, are about to experience the pleasure and shock of SINtendo Whee YOO. Bored one day after rain spoils a trip to the petting zoo, Amber discovers Petting YOO, an interactive game that takes her desires for fun and adds a uniquely animal twist.

Petting YOO is SINtendo taken to all new extremes for Reader’s Choice Month!.


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Years ago, a teenager named Kevin received a mysterious gift from a troublesome uncle in Japan. The gift was a SINtendo Whee, the most advanced interactive gaming system on the planet and one that was purely intended for adults.

Kevin brought all kinds of chaos to his family and community with the SINtendo Whee but over time he matured and grew up. Now it’s time for the tides to turn as Kevin returns to an all new SINtendo story.

Kevin is all set to get married to the perfect girl, a girl he’s lucky to have in his life and one that has out-shined any fantasy from his past. Amber is perfect, blonde, leggy, just curvy enough to be thoroughly tempting. She’s a girl who adores Kevin and who teases him just the right amount with what their wedding night will bring.

They’ve moved into a rental home together, already begun their lives together waiting for the big event in just a matter of months. As future husband and wife, Kevin has always been dedicated to doing whatever Amber wants and this weekend she wants a visit to a local petting zoo.

Amber has dressed up sinfully to tease and taunt her man while at the petting zoo but as soon as they throw open the door and see the endlessly pouring rain and rising storm, the plans are crushed and Amber finds herself bored with nothing to do around the house.

As Kevin spends his time in the garage working on the lawnmower, Amber happens to spot a package outside the front door and when she brings it inside, curiosity and boredom lead her to opening Kevin’s mail.

It seems that Kevin’s troublesome uncle has heard about the upcoming wedding and has seen fit to send the latest and greatest in gaming from Japan, an Elite SINtendo Whee YOO.

Imagine Amber’s surprise when one of the many games included is called Petting YOO, a game where YOO get to experience the animal fun of a Petting zoo.

Boredom and temptation take their toll and while Kevin works unsuspectingly in the garage, Amber hooks up the game system and puts in Petting YOO to play. As soon as the loading screen is over, Amber’s reality begins dissolving quickly.

With a surprise visitor stopping by and Amber losing more and more of herself every passing minute, Kevin might just return from his work in the garage to find that the perfect girl has been altered by an old familiar name, SINtendo.

With a game like Petting YOO and a system like SINtendo, you know there’s going to be much more than merely heavy petting going on.



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