Oct 18 2013

Beware the Boobyman if you can…

The Boobeyman by Kris P. Kreme

The Boobeyman by Kris P. Kreme

Alexandra’s new home may have an unexpected tenant still dwelling within. Warned by some rather strange girls in the neighborhood, she is told the tale of The Boobeyman, a creature that comes for her as she sleeps and makes her boobs bigger.

Will she suffer the same fate as the girl who lived in the home before her? Will her boobs expand as her inhibitions and ability to resist temptation shrink? Find out this Halloween with the Kreme.


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Eighteen is an awkward age to have to up and move, to be planting new roots in an entirely new town and more importantly an entirely new home and neighborhood.

For Alexandra, the brisk October day is nothing all that special, just moving day as her dad lugs heavy furniture and she does her best to take in whatever boxes she can. The only unusual thing that she has noticed is how the neighborhood girls all stand at the edge of the property staring at her, their faces showing concern if not fear.

After introducing herself to them, Alexandra is warned of a danger found within her new home, a danger in a monstrous entity that comes when she is sleeping, a creature known to the girls as The Boobeyman.

The Boobeyman only preys on maturing girls who have reached the age of eighteen and he changes them to suit his own nefarious purposes, feeding off their young boobs, manipulating them into larger and larger perversions of the natural size they are.

According to the girls, their friend used to live in Alexandra’s home, their friend who was a sweet girl, until The Boobeyman came and got her. She became a slut with giant tits, a girl unlike her prior self who knew no limits to her own desires and depravity.

These girls warn Alexandra not to fall asleep, that The Boobeyman will come for her, and she will suffer the same fate all do when facing down The Boobeyman.

Finding the story ridiculous at best, Alexandra goes on with her day, the moving and unpacking definitely taking a toll as she finds herself more than ready for a first night’s sleep in the new home.

Of course when she sleeps, the dreams begin, dreams she has no doubt were mostly caused by the near frantic loony warnings of those girls. Of course as she wakes up during the night and then again the next morning, Alexandra discovers that as impossible as it may seem, there may be more to the story than she thought.

Will she fall prey to The Boobeyman? What will happen when she finds the pleasure she feels exhausting and falls asleep the next day? Will the men who stop by to pick up the rented moving truck be tipped quite generously by the large chested girl they find waiting for them?

Find out in the newest danger to cross over from the mind of the Kreme into our world, The Boobeyman, part of Halloween with the Kreme 2013.



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