Dec 30 2013

There’s always time for a New Year’s Kuickie

The Kuickies #5 - Happy New You! by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies #5 – Happy New You! by Kris P. Kreme

Mandy Fate has finally met the man of her dreams, an author of erotica that takes her own kinks and multiplies them until she’s weak in the knees.

However, as Mandy Fate meets 2014 she might just discover that her own fate is to become just like the fictional characters this man writes about in his stories.

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Mandy Fate is about to meet the new year, and with that new year will come a fate of her own. She’s typically fine after a few drinks, but the party she has attended to ring in 2014 is not the source of her nervousness.

For a very long time, Mandy has been communicating by email with a man she met online. She originally contacted him purely out of interest in the fiction he wrote. Erotic fiction was definitely a kink as far as writing was concerned, but this man met all her kinks and more. The emails, the late night games, the photo exchanges and even animations to go along with little stories he would write just for her; all were what drove her pulse to race right now.

They were finally meeting and seeing where such a meeting would take her, though as Mandy Fate would soon find out, New Years would bring some very big changes in her life.

As the countdown begins and she stands beside the man she has admittedly fantasized about more than a few times something very unexpected happens. With every number the crowd shouts counting down from ten, Mandy finds herself changing, her body heating up, her mind melting down.

Discover the best way to welcome the new year, with a new you, just like Mandy Fate, who is sure to find the new year holds many new experiences, thanks to the powerful influence of the new man in her life.

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