Oct 17 2014

Fear the HallowKreme

All Fear the Fear Fairy by Kris P. Kreme

All Fear the Fear Fairy by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone shopping the crowded stores of the River Run Galleria this Halloween expected to find scary good deals. No one expected to cross paths with a Fear Fairy.

Feeding off making someone’s deepest fear real, this particular Fear Fairy has a kinky side and she isn’t afraid to show it. Satiating her appetite of random mall shoppers, she leaves chaos in her wake and a scary sexy time for all.


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It has long been a tradition at the River Run Galleria’s Annual Halloween Haunt Shopping Spectacular that customers can wear their costumes and receive special discounts on select items in certain stores. Unfortunately it’s a tradition that in recent years has begun to wane.

A few shoppers wear costumes but most just arrive for the sales. This year there’s one costumed vixen who might be much more than she seems, even though most might have trouble telling what she’s supposed to be.

A Fear Fairy feeds off the fears of others, particularly when those fears come to pass and this mystery woman at the River Run Galleria is not here to shop. She’s here for a nice filling meal, courtesy of some select shoppers she chooses at random.

Her particular tastes are for making fears realized in only the most sexual way possible, upping the kink of her consuming appetite. Fortunately for her, the mall is crowded and there’s plenty of chaos to cause.

Older teenagers, Gary, Julian, and Julian’s sister Amie will quickly discover that hanging out in the mall to play spot the costumes might just get them spotted by a hungry Fear Fairy.

College freshman, Casey, will discover just how embarrassing it can be to run into some of his new college friends at the mall with his mom. Afraid of embarrassing her son, Rachel finds that fear coming true as she does depraved things right there in front of him.

Lucy and her horror movie obsessed coworker, Brett, find that a break in the food court isn’t quite as relaxing as they’d expected when the Fear Fairy stops by. Needless to say both will be finding freakish new ways to enjoy their deepest darkest fears.

It’s the time of year when creatures of all manner roam the shadows, but one particular sexy creature is choosing instead to roam the local mall and she leaves everyone both terrified and tantalized.


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