Feb 08 2015

Don’t call Pluto a Dwarf Planet

Propagators of the Planet Pluto by Kris P. Kreme

Propagators of the Planet Pluto by Kris P. Kreme

The first work in a new Kreme series… Kreme Kosmos!

Once idolizing humans on Earth, the arachnid residents of Pluto were devastated when their world was downgraded to a dwarf planet. No one likes being called small, and now the Plutonians are going to ensure that Earth knows what being small and overcrowded is all about.

The Propagators are coming, Plutonians with Propagation Pistols to test. No one is safe from the mass chaotic breeding that is unleashed. Families and friends will fall into lust, no one spared from the silliest space story ever.


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The last thing anyone on earth may have ever expected when Pluto was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet was for the local residents there to be more than a little perturbed.

Unfortunately humans have remained clueless about the real possibilities of life in their own solar system for many centuries and now that clueless self-importance is about to come back to bite them. Pluto has launched a mission to earth, a mission led by the Propagators.

Throughout human history, Plutonians have picked up their stories, their television shows, their digital signals. They have based their entire culture on humans, seeing earth as a fun world worth emulating. However, the large arachnid Plutonians know there are very big differences between a human being and their somewhat frightening spider-like bodies. The last straw that broke all love for the earth was having their home planet called a dwarf planet, size quite important to all Plutonians.

Now the Propagators are going to test out some new experimental technology, individual guns called Propagation Pistols. Each gun will have a different level of effect on any human female it is fired on, all of them no doubt ensuring that it won’t be too terribly long before earth seems a little bit smaller itself, mass overcrowding just around the corner.

In basic terms, Propagation Pistols can do something as simple as overpower a female’s natural urges and push them to mate relentlessly in hopes of getting pregnant. Or, depending on the model of Propagation Pistol it can do a whole lot more, speeding up the pregnancy, ensuring immediate visible results, pushing humans far past any limits they ever thought they had, limits regarding what they will do, who they will do it with, and where they will do it.

Pluto has been called small and now it is Earth which has a not so small problem. Never let it be said though that Plutonians don’t know how to enjoy themselves as they transport to Earth and create crazed breeding chaos everywhere from public beaches, to fitness clubs, to the human’s own homes and families. Nobody is safe from the Propagators of the Planet Pluto… and yes… it’s a planet.

A long overdue Kreme Klassic gets its own book release with the silliest space story ever, a story so over the top it may just take multiple readings to find all the Plutonian puns liberally spread throughout. It’s the one story that not only breaks every boundary imaginable, it smashes through at the speed of light and keeps on going. And now… this silly story had an even sillier sequel to be released right alongside it.


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