Jun 24 2015

Fashion can be a crime

A Crime of Fashion by Kris P. Kreme

A Crime of Fashion by Kris P. Kreme

The sequel to A Mind for Fashion…

Terry Taylor became famous practically overnight thanks to Liqui-cloth, the miracle advancement in fashion where clothing was made up of nano-machines that offer changes and resizing at the push of a button.

His old buddy Duke back in the small town they grew up in never had such success. Shady Crest police officers, a small town number but big time troubles for Duke, are all women he used to hit on and tease.

Thanks to a little assist from his famous friend, Duke is about to get a special remote that can change everything about being handled by the cops.


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They once said Terry Taylor had a mind for fashion, and thanks to his genius invention of Liqui-cloth, they were right. He’s living the good life with all the wrongs of his past righted and a majority of the population wearing variations of Liqui-cloth clothing and accessories.

The amazing clothing that can resize itself, change styles and colors purely by manipulation of millions of microscopic machines within has taken the world by storm and no one but Terry knows about the secret risk of wearing it. None are wise to his breakthrough discovery that over time a small percentage of the nano-machines leech into the bloodstream and that those nano-machines can still be controlled, in effect reprogramming and reshaping the wearer just like the clothing itself. Even if someone does find out, Terry has taken precautions to take care of such a threat to his success.

Once less than a success with the opposite sex, women are no longer a challenge for Terry Taylor, but the same can’t be said of his old buddy Duke, who Terry hears from for the first time in years on the way to an important flight from the country. Duke it seems has been hassled constantly in the small town he lives in, a town the two of them practically grew up together in. Old friends, Terry lost track of what Duke was up to past his teens but it seems he was mostly up to hitting on girls and making more than a few enemies out of them.

Now that he’s all grown up in the real world, a surprising number of those girls have become cops, in fact the whole small town department run by women, most of which he used to tease as children and hit on later. Small town means small population and an over-abundance of women might seem great to most men, but unfortunately for Duke they are on him at every turn, citing him for noise complaints when he has no neighbors for miles, citing him for broken tail lights when he knows one of them busted the light. The officers of the small town of Shady Crest are being real bitches, but Duke’s hands are tied… or sometimes handcuffed as he frequents the jail enough times.

While catching up with his old buddy Terry, congratulating him on the success and women he seems to have according to all the tabloids, Duke is surprised when his now famous pal offers a little assist. Holding back on most of the details, Terry offers to send out a special remote, one specially programmed to manipulate and enhance and do whatever Duke can imagine to the local police. Thanks to their wearing Liqui-cloth uniforms, this little remote will give Duke all the advantages he’s been denied, and naturally Duke is up for it.

Once the mysterious remote arrives, it’s time to attract the attention of the local police, babes in blue that Duke now has special plans for. He may be planning the crime of the century against Shady Crest law enforcement but it’s really just A Crime of Fashion.


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