Aug 24 2015

It’s time to collect

Collecting for the Bank by Kris P. Kreme

Collecting for the Bank by Kris P. Kreme

Lionel Philips has put together a program that uses light, sound, and more on a computer to effectively create instant hypnosis.

There are so many practical applications for it he’s sure he’ll be raking in profit soon. Unfortunately right now he has debt and today is when Vanessa Price has come to collect from his bank.

Ten seconds viewing the program, Vanessa’s job may not change, but in her mind the type of bank she works for will, and it’s a bank no man minds making deposits to, especially when pretty young Vanessa is taking them.


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Lionel Philips has struggled in recent years, working hard to make ends meet, often letting those ends stretch past the point he should have. It’s all been worth it though because today he has finally finished his work.

As a computer programmer, Lionel knows a lot about machines, a lot about what makes things work but with people, not so much. Having gone to school late for his degree, he suffered the fate of always being left out when applying for jobs after college. The younger and more techno savvy graduates snatched up every job, even the freelance ones, and yet Lionel never stopped dreaming big, thinking outside the box about what he could put his skills to use in, what breakthrough in his life would set him up to only succeed.

After an admittedly expensive trip to Vegas post graduation, Lionel was inspired by a hypnotist act he watched. As the master hypnotist explained behavior couldn’t be changed to anything someone wouldn’t normally do but it could be manipulated and nudged using the right triggers or methods. Focus was the key, a certain combination of sounds, sights, and the spoken word would have someone falling under and being controlled for the amusement of the audience there.

Lionel Philips however saw potential, potential for a whole new program, a computer program that used lights, motions, and sounds on screen to effectively create instant hypnosis, putting someone into a relaxed and suggestible state with no need for a hypnotist or lengthy time focusing on anything. As Lionel sees it, such a program will sell big to so many industries. Whether a corporation needs to ensure instant loyalty on sensitive projects they bring people in on, or whether a medical practice wants the ten second cure for negative thoughts and patient uncertainty about procedures they needed, the applications were almost limitless.

Unfortunately the day of Lionel’s biggest success, his program finally complete and loaded onto a convenient flash drive for demonstration purposes, is also the day he will receive the most unwanted visitor to his home.

Vanessa Price is in collections for Lionel’s bank, and both his car and home are behind nearly six months, meaning it is time for the the young collections employee to make a visit and negotiate terms of payment to avoid repossession. Having what many might think a sexy secretary look about her, Vanessa almost always catches men off guard, and she never shies away from confronting a debtor. She’s fierce and yet fair, and looking over Lionel’s case she knows there is nothing to worry about from an otherwise upstanding computer programmer.

Lionel knows that something like this has been coming, a visit he never thought would happen on such an uplifting day. Needing more time to fish his idea out there for industries to fight over, he has no funds immediately available to settle a plan with the bank, to get Vanessa off his case. She also isn’t willing to give him even a day, needing his signature and a payment to take back to the bank.

Desperation pushes Lionel and Vanessa on a collision course neither will be the same after, and Lionel finally snaps, agreeing to Vanessa’s demands but pointing out that she really needs to check his finances first. Having brought her own laptop to initiate the payment collections, Vanessa is fine with checking the man’s financial records, and it makes perfect sense such records would be on flash drive.

What will happen when Lionel Philips gets the first trial run of his new genius instant hypnosis program and it works better than expected?

One thing is certain, Vanessa Price never expected that working in collections for the bank would leave her so full at the end of the day, but of course until meeting Mr. Philips she never realized just what kind of bank she collected for.

Cash in your checks on an all new tale that shows sometimes an unexpected collections call can be an unexpected pleasure, thanks to a little creative programming.


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