Oct 03 2015

Readers! Come get a scare at the Mall!

Midnight at Moo Mall by Kris P. Kreme

Midnight at Moo Mall by Kris P. Kreme

On an exotic island in the South Pacific, Moon Mall has many tales of the eerie and bizarre. Since it was built strange things happen in the late hours of night.

With hours extended and hardly anyone shopping during the Halloween season, two arrogant and selfish women are about to find that not all evil spirits go BOO!

Sometimes they prefer not to speak at all… and make you go Moo! Readers Scare Month takes readers on an all new paranormal trip, one where no possessions are left behind.


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There are so many tales told of exotic islands in the South Pacific, some of sea creatures, others of the more paranormal variety. One such locale is perhaps the most surprising to hear and yet far too common in a modernizing world.

Moon Mall was haunted long before anything actually happened to prove it. When workers cleared the jungle site to build it and found mysterious stones, carved with unknown markings, many claimed it was burial markers, cemetery stones, but nobody who mattered paid much mind to their fears.

The stones were taken to a museum, the mall completed as scheduled and barely another thought was given to restless spirits or desecrated bodies that may or may not have been underneath.

For two decades the tales of odd occurrences grew, the legend of Moon Mall growing among many locals, becoming a spooky story for the modernizing American territory residents. Back in the States they may have startling tales of ghosts and spirits, but Moon Mall was real, exotic, and as such its tales were always a bit different than the norm.

People would vanish, particularly at night, be heard one second, gone the next, often with pens they had held laying where they stood. Unfortunately no one ever connected the dots to see the truth, that all the strongest evidence, all the strangest occurrences took place when the moon was high overhead, in the darkness of night.

The spirits of Moon Mall are strongest in the night, and this October a regrettable decision has been made to extend mall hours well past midnight. For the most part it’s regrettable only because no one shops at the mall past the usual closing time of 8. But for two somewhat moody and arrogant local women, Moon Mall is about to set them straight… on a path to better attitudes and darker destinies.

Wee Ying, or Ms. Wee to many where she worked, is a young professional with as far more attitude than her diminutive frame should hold. She is perfect in her eyes, intolerant of almost anyone else, and as far as she is concerned, the most superior female professional to ever walk the earth.

In truth she is an office girl but the way she bitches and acts so high and mighty, everyone would assume she ran the place. Tonight though, a simple twist of fate is sending her unexpectedly to Moon Mall after a late night encounter with some drunken idiot tourists results in a ruined business blouse she simply must replace right away.

Meanwhile, Denise Lee, another local and a salesgirl forced to stay much later than usual at a high dollar clothing store in Moon Mall is about to discover some jobs have benefits you never asked for. If ever there was an island beauty contest, Denise Lee might just win it, but her beauty is literally skin deep.

An ugly soul and a horrible attitude means she looks down on everyone and the late hours alone in a store doing hardly any serious business means that she isn’t much better to deal with.

In Moon Mall the mysterious powers of paranormal grow strongest with a moon overhead and tonight two new entries into the spooky stories about it will be added.

Are the mannequins breathing behind Wee Ying as the exotic young professional finds the blouse she needs? Are they moving in the corner of her vision? The truth may just be as terrifying as it is pleasurable in the end, as she quickly finds that her arrogance and attitude can quite literally be milked out of her.

Is something up with Denise’s register drawer, the otherwise inanimate item seeming to lash out at her before she can offer one of her usual tongue lashings to a fellow employee of Moon Mall? Having always looked down on everyone, the true irony is that the mall seems to want her being looked down, brought literally to her knees.

Tonight it seems, Moon Mall may well be known by the name the sign outside reads, the N in Moon flickering to darkness. While no one may ever know what fully happened once the morning comes, during the darkest hours of night, plenty of milking may happen, both from a bitchy salesgirl finding out where her true place is milking and squeezing to please those she once hated, and from a once petite professional with a huge attitude getting an all new lesson in animal humility.

Some spooky tales are anything but normal and Midnight at Moo Mall is downright paranormal. Discover the exotic side of fear and the truly possessing quality of angry spirits setting right those whose own spirits are selfish. Readers Scare Month continues to scare up all original fears in only the most moan inducing manner.


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