Jun 01 2016

Reader’s Choice Month starts with a Konversation

Konversational Konnie by Kris P. Kreme

Konversational Konnie by Kris P. Kreme

When a friendly girl named Konnie strikes up a whispered conversation before the lights go down, Daphne never suspects it will be the start of something life altering.

When that same girl strikes up a chat with Jimmy next to Daphne about both his girlfriend Demi and her friend Daphne, the plot thickens.

But when all three have been whispered to again and again, will they ever get to see the movie or will they discover more thrilling pursuits among each other?

It’s Readers Choice Month yet again and the Konversation is just beginning.


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Demi and Daphne are best friends, Daphne the truly timid one that always tags along on Demi’s dates with Jimmy. Tonight it’s a movie date, but thanks to a rather talkative girl seated behind the three, none of them will find the action on screen anywhere near as exciting as what quickly becomes somewhat of an obsession for them.

Whispering first to Daphne, then to Jimmy, and finally to Demi, the mysterious and talkative Konnie shares observations of human behavior that she’s picked up from her dad, a therapist famed for such Konversational cues.

For instance, she observes that simply from Jimmy’s subtle glances over at Daphne that obviously he is into the redheaded shy friend of his girlfriend. Or there’s also the simple fact that by making Jimmy sit between her and Daphne, Demi clearly is wanting to push her shy friend into a little potential threesome action. Naturally it’s also obvious that Daphne must not be so shy after all, trying to flirt as she obviously is with Jimmy right under Demi’s nose.

Is Konnie truly trying to help the three friends, or as it slowly becomes more and more apparent throughout the movie, is Konnie just playing Konversational games with them, whispering and speaking to one at a time, watching them slowly understand and accept the observations their talkative mystery girl is making?

One thing is absolutely certain for all in the theater this night. The movie will be the least restricted thing audiences need to worry about seeing and the three friends will be closer than ever by the time they leave their seats.

Sometimes the chit chat in a darkened theater can make one lose their minds… and other times it can simply change them.


Find it on Smashwords now!

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