Jul 29 2016

Catch a Pokégirl with SINtendo

SINtendo Pokégirl on the GO by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Pokégirl on the GO by Kris P. Kreme

In the exotic country of Japan, Nate’s just hoping for a little more erotic from his supple curvy girlfriend, Morgan. Unfortunately Morgan is more interested in the sights and tourism while Nate is left quite sexually frustrated.

An unexpected cure to that frustration might come when Morgan makes Nate download the popular augmented reality phone game that has her friends back home obsessed.

A mistaken download gives Nate not the game he intended but definitely the game he wants, SINtendo Pokégirl on the GO, this month’s all new SINtendo Selects Game of the Month.


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Vacationing in Japan was not Nate’s first choice but then he rarely got his first choice of activities since dating Morgan. She’s the dangerous type of girl that he should have not fallen for quite so hard, emphasis on the hard. But her dangerous nature lies not in what she does but who she is, and how she manipulates men so easily.

Morgan was the one who wanted to visit Japan, and it was Morgan’s idea not to even spend much time seeing the real country but instead falling into the typical tourist hot spots where there hardly even were any locals. That was how Nate found himself following her along at a somewhat lush outdoor paradise, the pathways filled with tourists, the trees rising high overhead into the mountains in the distance.

Were it Nate’s decision, the entire vacation practically would have spent closed off in a hotel room ridding himself of the near constant erection a lustrous brunette like Morgan could inspire into any man. Unfortunately this spontaneous trip during each of their senior years in college has not been near as spontaneous and kinky as he wanted.

Distracted by every curve of Morgan’s luscious body, Nate really isn’t all that interested in the sights she’s always pointing out, snapping pics of with her phone, oohing and ahhing when he’d much rather be inspiring her to more passionate cries.

A tweet from one of her friends back home literally changes the game for this whole vacation but Nate definitely isn’t prepared for just how. Jenny and Jason apparently have already caught ten of the little Pokey creatures or whatever the hell has Morgan and her friends so fascinated, as Nate puts it a dumb phone app game that has people hunting for invisible creatures all over the real world environment they walk around in.

The dangerous thing about Morgan is that as frustratingly hard as she can get a man, especially Nate, she can just as easily get him to do whatever she wants and sadly it isn’t the things he wants. No, Morgan just wants Nate to download that app game onto his phone and spend the day hunting those creatures while following her around. At least that way, she assumes, they will not be left out or fall behind Jenny and Jason when they return home.

Annoyed and much more in the mood to poke Morgan, Nate finds himself angrily trying to get past some glitches on his phone to find that stupid game. However the game he ends up finding isn’t at all the one she intended for him to play.

Only when he opens the installed game does Nate see that he has somehow instead gotten a weird little app game called Pokégirl on the GO by SINtendo. According to the somewhat odd instructions, the game allows you to hunt girls in the real world, the special glows around select girls only visible through the phone. Once spotted, these girls can either have their body captured, their mind captured, or their souls captured.

While Morgan wanders off on her own, Nate sits on a bench and tries to distract himself from the headache and erection in equal severity that his girlfriend is so skilled at giving him on a daily basis. Holding the phone up, he is surprised how clear the different colored glows are on various women and girls in the area. The game mostly seems to target specific ones, leaving out children or the elderly.

Spotting a seriously cute young thing that the game identifies as Pokégirl Leah, Nate really can’t resist trying the game out since supposedly all he is supposed to do is poke her on the screen. Poking her, the game announces he has captured a Pokégirl body and poking will permanently affect her body.

However, just what will happen when Nate gives a poke only to be rewarded with the quite audible pleasured cry from a somewhat surprised young girl named Leah on an opposite bench? Will Nate capture more Pokégirls and what will he do with them or to them? And just what will Morgan think when Nate finally gets his wish and captures something better than her heart, her Pokégirl soul?

Find out in this month’s SINtendo Selects Game of the Month, the all new hit phone app game that does so much more than augment your reality… it downright fucks it. Download and play today, capture a Pokégirl on the GO.


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