Aug 26 2016

Trance-tory is simply shocking…

Shocking Obedience by Kris P. Kreme

Shocking Obedience by Kris P. Kreme

Walter and Jennifer haven’t been married all that long, but that doesn’t mean Walter is a content man… not when Poopykins runs the house.

A tiny terrier terror, Poopykins is Jennifer’s precious baby of a dog, and to Walter the menace is little more than an annoying bitch, quite literally.

However, when Walter comes home with a fancy obedience shock collar from Trance-tory, will a series of unintended mishaps change his mind about which bitch in his life really needs to be trained?

Trance-tory takes over pampered pets in a true style any man can appreciate, doggy style.


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Walter may not have the worst wife in the world, but that doesn’t mean his marriage is a completely happy one. And while his wife is a cute petite brunette most guys would call hot, it’s an even more petite little bitch that really is testing his patience since Jennifer entered the picture.

Jennifer isn’t near as bad as many of his buddy’s wives, not wasting his money, not bitching about every little thing, but with his wife came the ever nightmarish tiny terror named Poopykins.

Poopykins is Jennifer’s precious dog, more often referred to as their baby, and this baby is causing more damage than any animal ever should. Poopykins tears up the carpet, chews on every shoe in sight, and rips up anything unfortunate enough to fall down to her miniature stature.

The house has been all but destroyed and naturally Jennifer sees nothing wrong with the behavior, no discipline at all. So it’s for that very reason that Walter has decided today is the day it all stops, taking time out of his busy schedule to stop by The Pet Market and after consulting with the experts there choosing the latest in state of the art obedience shock collar technology from Trance-tory.

As he attempts to delicately explain to the always sensitive yet never submissive Jennifer, this collar is highly advanced, adjusting the amount of shock specifically to the weight of the animal it is on, ensuring no harm comes to the pet, but still assuring no misbehavior as well. Additionally this collar has built in behavioral sensors to determine when the animal knows it is misbehaving, even if no one is around, recognizing specific patterns of refusal to do what the owner would have them do or not do.

He is just sure this is the solution to the menace named Poopykins, and the end to the destruction of his home. Sadly Jennifer will hear nothing of it, going from concerned for Poopykin’s safety to irrationally irate in seconds flat. She’s quite known for her temper when it comes to any threat to her precious baby, and yet Walter also knows that she’s being ridiculous.

When the argument over the new shock collar takes a violent turn and Walter just tries to spin and hold Jennifer off, the collar inadvertently snaps in place around her neck and before he can have half a chance to take it off, Jennifer is angrily shouting, activating the misbehavior shocks raised up to a much higher level due to her being no small dog.

Will Walter calm his lovely young wife down and manage to remove the collar or will he have a change of heart about just which bitch in his life needs a little more submissive and obedient behavioral training? Find out when a man who never found his dominant side discovers all new tricks to getting the woman he lusts for to submit to his every whim and even better to want every minute of it.

Sometimes a little bitch is just asking for some truly Shocking Obedience, especially when Trance-tory takes over the situation.


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