Sep 01 2016

Things will never be the same. Trance-tory meets SINtendo.

SINtendo RObabe Repair by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo RObabe Repair by Kris P. Kreme

A SINtendo/Trance-tory Takeover Crossover!

For Morti it’s a dream come true. In exchange for help with studies and tests, the hottest yet most innocent cheerleader in school, Taylor Kline, agreed to pose for some costumed pictures.

A rare vintage game offers the perfect costume, SINtendo roBABE, a costume based game with micro-circuitry woven into the modern threads. 

But after spilling some water, Morti freaks out and seems to have a broken roBABE in need of repair.

The only question is will Trance-tory technical support help or hurt the situation when they get a look at just how hot the girl wearing their roBABE costume is?


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Morti has always been one of the nerds in school, but that doesn’t mean he’s without his talents involving the opposite sex. His latest brilliant idea may be the best yet, and he’s as expected nervous and excited to be awaiting the arrival of the one and only Taylor Kline.

Taylor is by unanimous opinion the hottest of the hot, the most gorgeous cheerleader in the school, a senior who will live on in the fantasies of students and teachers alike long after graduation. She’s the perfect girl, not slutty, but with a body that certainly defies her virginal innocence.

Morti, and to an extent his fellow nerds, has stumbled upon the perfect mutual interest agreement which will benefit everyone involved. Since Taylor Kline is the fantasy girl of so many, why not shoot some pictures of her in a sexy costume, then sell the Taylor Kline calendar, 12 months of her as not only nerds would enjoy?

Naturally Morti isn’t a creep and only intends to have her wear a form fitting modern roBABE costume which came with a rare vintage game he collected. It’s not even as revealing as her cheerleading costume but somehow she couldn’t look any sexier in his mind and he knows the others won’t complain. In exchange for agreeing to pose for him one Saturday while Morti’s parents are away from town, Morti has quite eagerly agreed that he and the other nerds will help the cheerleaders with their homework and remaining assignments before graduation.

It’s the perfect plan, one where nothing could go wrong, but perhaps Morti should be smart enough to anticipate the unexpected when the roBABE game costume comes from a company like SINtendo.

SINtendo roBABE was a very short lived game, one Morti never even played as he was always more into collecting. He knows the types of games SINtendo released and still releases but lacking the social skills to ever even have a girl in range of him for any time, Morti never exploited the perverse nature of those games.

Now he has the one and only Taylor Kline, blonde goddess and high school love of all men who ever see her. The game was meant to be simple, no real point to it as far as Morti ever understood. The wearer of the modern roBABE costume becomes a robot, blank, mindless, accepting any instructions and taking any position commanded by the player. It’s not only perfect to calm Morti’s nerves in getting Taylor to pose for him, but perfect because after it’s over she won’t even remember the poses or modeling she did.

Everything goes well, the pictures quite priceless and Taylor couldn’t look sexier as some futuristic human roBABE doll. Her breathless body instantly obeys his every pose idea, but when Taylor comes out of the roBABE control, Morti ending the game and offering her a glass of water… everything that could go wrong does.

Tripping over his own clumsy feet, Morti stumbles and spills the water right onto Taylor still wearing the costume. The same micro-circuitry that so recently turned her into a roBABE now short circuits and sparks wildly from her side, the beautiful cheerleader going completely stiff as a board and still as a broken lifeless doll.

The game is no longer activated and SINtendo game controls won’t bring her out of this state, the sparks still popping from the water drenched part of her sexy costume. Morti is completely freaked out, assuming the worst, that somehow he quite literally broke the one and only Taylor Kline.

Minutes that seem like hours pass as Morti tries everything he can think of to put life back in the blank faced roBABE doll Taylor has reverted to, but only after one of his buddies suggests it does he even think of checking the box the game costume came in.

SINtendo roBABE was a rare game collaboration between two companies and since the game itself isn’t the issue, Morti has no choice but to call the technical support number on the costume box… the number for Trance-tory Technical Support.

The man who answers seems knowledgeable enough, assuring Morti there is a reset procedure, that Taylor can be just fine. But as the man on the line taps into the SINtendo camera and gets a look at sexy Taylor, the broken roBABE, are his motives truly in helping Morti or might he be more interested in making things worse?

Morti was always a pretty upstanding guy, even if he was a nerd overlooked by girls everywhere, but what’s a guy to do when tech support tells him he has to do some fairly perverted things in order to save the sweet innocent and quite enticing girl every guy in school lusts for?

Find out how far one can go when trying to perform a SINtendo roBABE repair… especially when assisted and instructed by perhaps the only company more kinky than SINtendo, a company called Trance-tory.

The Trance-tory takeover concludes with the first crossover tale where the world of SINtendo collides in one kinky experience with the company that creates perverse products reaching far beyond mere games.


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