Oct 06 2016

The Kostume sets the Konversation

Talk or Treat by Kris P. Kreme

Talk or Treat by Kris P. Kreme

Anna is the brightest girl in school, but on a night such as Halloween, when the darkness is darkest, it won’t matter how bright she is.

Knocking on a door, just expecting a little candy, she and her two friends, Johnny and Bobby, get quite a bit more, and ultimately she may be giving more than she gets.

There’s never anything wrong with a friendly konversation… until the konversation gets kinky and Anna gets more than just friendly.

Talk or Treat… it’s Halloween with the Kreme.


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Everyone’s favorite Konversationalist is back and answering the door to find some quite mature seeming children asking for candy. Naturally he’ll give them quite a bit more after a little chat, during which he debates with Anna about her slutty nurse costume.

It seems that at least according to her friends Johnny and Bobby, Anna here is the brain of the senior class, not only the smartest girl in school but the most well behaved. And even if she claims she only chose the slutty midriff baring nurse costume because she liked how she looked in it, the man whose door they stopped at has quite the counter point to make.

As he points out, boys’ costumes don’t change all that much from young to old, but clearly girls’ costumes change quite a bit, getting skimpier and sluttier and definitely only enhancing their maturing bodies, of which even Anna’s two friends are only too aware of on her.

It turns out that as usual, he’s quite accurate with his perceptions of the three, of their behavior, their desires, their motives in life, but Anna is quite willing to debate his assessment of her based on her costume. Even if her two classmates are seeing things from these newly presented perspectives, Anna refuses to admit that she is anything but a good girl, no matter how bad the costume seems to make her, nor how much of her good girl body it shows off.

As she puts it, a nurse takes care of people, so what is wrong with a nurse costume? However a slutty nurse might take care of people in entirely different ways, and there’s simply no arguing that point as the conversation twists and turns, confusing poor Anna.

The more and more the little chat goes on, the less and less Anna has a reasonable counter to the points this man is making. She never intended to be taken as just some slutty lusty object of enjoyment, but her costume clearly seems swayed that way, and she chose it because she liked it, right?

Fighting as fiercely as the independent intelligent young woman ever has when earning her high grades, Anna might finally be facing the one test she never studied for.
Ultimately it’s not the talk that does Anna in, and Johnny and Bobby are definitely interested in more than mere talk. It’s the treat that tricks Anna, the treat she doesn’t get from visiting houses on Halloween, the treat she is, particularly dressed as a slutty little nurse.

Halloween with the Kreme tackles the all important konversation everyone needs to have, the one about slutty costumes and whether the girl makes the costume slutty… or the other way around.


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The next treat for HallowKreme is possessed and twisted…