Oct 28 2016

HallowKreme isn’t coincidental…

COINcidental Madness by Kris P. Kreme

COINcidental Madness by Kris P. Kreme

When the power goes out on movie night with a couple of work friends, Brent discovers a dusty old game in the basement of his house.

Called COINcidental Madness, the goal is to flip a coin, move player pieces through an old house, and avoid madness. When they decide to play a game by candlelight during the blackout, they could never imagine that across town three similar people are actually sneaking into a strikingly similar old house.

Unaware of the pawns in their board game, will Brent and the others drive people they’ve never met into perverse degrees of madness? Or will they soon find themselves in the same state?


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When a power outage strikes at Brent’s house while he and a couple of coworkers are watching a Halloween movie, a chance discovery may change everything… about some completely unknown individuals across town.

Brent has always gotten along like family with his buddy Carl and their blonde coworker, May, but when he heads to the basement to check on the breakers after the lights go out, Brent discovers something they may have all been fated to find.

Hidden in the old house, apparently there when Brent bought it not too long back, is a dusty old board game. It’s a surprisingly well made little game, though an odd one with the title COINcidental Madness. Seeing nothing else to do to pass the time in the dark, a candlelit attempt at playing the old game seems harmless enough, but just where will the madness of this game strike first? The answer may just surprise everyone.

The object of the old game seems to be using an included coin to flip and move individual player pieces through the ornately illustrated overhead floor plan of a house. The home is definitely creepy looking, the various rooms definitely adding to the mystery of this old game as both Brent and May see how similar it looks to an actual creepy house on the outskirts of town.

It’s probably coincidence, which in itself is ironic given the name of the board game, but the point of this little game is to avoid giving in to pure madness by flipping the coin, moving one space on heads and two spaces on tails. After each move, the players draw a card to read what happens to their character.

If only Brent, Carl, and May knew that their players were a bit more real than they ever thought. As it so happens, at the precise moment they are gathered in Brent’s dark living room beginning a game of COINcidental Madness, across town at the very old house they thought of when looking at the game board, three college kids are sneaking in as so many do during the month of October each year.

What’s even more of a coincidence is that not only do Brent, Carl, and May have similar colors on compared with their selected player pieces, but across town Brian, Conner, and Mary do as well. But there’s only so far coincidence can take someone before madness intervenes.

With each flip of the coin, Brent, Carl, and May move their pieces, sipping beers, never suspecting that across town, whatever they read on the game cards is happening to Brian, Conner, and Mary. As impossible as it seems, as coincidental as it might be, three college kids are descending into madness with each turn of a board game across town on a stormy October night.

Just where will the madness take them; just who if anyone will win the old board game? And is there more than mere coincidence behind it all? Flip a coin, find your fate, and discover this Halloween with the Kreme, that madness is closer than you think.


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