Nov 28 2016

Be thankful for SINtendo’s return this month!

SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

Left alone in the dorms as most students leave for a week long Thanksgiving holiday, Greg, Steve, and Kaylah discover something that will truly leave one of them stuffed.

As Greg and Steve break into their jerky resident adviser’s private stuff, they find that he has been hiding a pristine looking SINtendo game system and a bunch of games too.

One of those games is called SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey, and after being tricked into playing it, Kaylah will be gobbling everything in sight, truly packing away the pounds and giving the boys more than enough reasons to be thankful this year.


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For most students on campus, the coed dorms are assumed empty during important holidays like Thanksgiving, but there are always a few students who, for whatever reason, remain at the school and this year those three students are going to find a hell of a fun game to occupy their time… even if one of them has no idea she’s been selected to play.

Chad was the resident adviser who most students hated, the arrogant obnoxious guy who ruled his coed dorm with an iron fist. If one thing had been certain the past year or so, he definitely didn’t like Greg and Steve.

Every holiday that Chad leaves the dorm, there are three students who stay behind, and Greg and Steve have made it a habit of causing trouble while he’s away. This year he’s laying down the law before leaving campus, making quite clear they know not to fuck with his stuff like they do every time he leaves.

Kaylah is the only one with a level responsible head on her shoulders, but then girls never were all that much trouble. Greg and Steve though have little respect for Chad, and even if he doesn’t know it, neither does Kaylah.

It’s hard to respect a guy like Chad who generally seems to like being in charge to an abusive degree, who treats women like objects and who definitely seems overprotective of his precious stuff.

As soon as he leaves for the week long Thanksgiving holiday though, Greg and Steve are already plotting and planning to really fuck around with Chad. This year they’re going to break into his secret stash of stuff, the stuff he’s so protective of for whatever reason that he bought and installed a fancy electronic lock on the closet in his room.

Greg never could have expected what he finds as he finally opens that closet, an actual pristine condition SINtendo game system, complete with a box of games.

Sifting through the games, Steve is quick to agree with his buddy Greg that they’ve just found the absolute perfect game to play with the always obsessively slender Kaylah, whether she wants to play it or not.

It isn’t long before Kaylah is being eagerly coaxed from her room down to the common room where Greg and Steve have already set up the game system and begun playing SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey, a very special game which requires at least three players.

Confused about what the game is, Kaylah barely has a moment to think it through before the game is scanning her and she is taking on the all important position of the Turkey in their game.

Gobble Gobble Turkey is a truly simple game, the goal to be the player who stuffs the turkey the fullest, by any and all means possible. Their bodies prepared by a scanning from the SINtendo, there is no limitation as the boys quite enjoy saying the magic words Gobble Gobble and giving Kaylah perverse little instructions, watching her eat a whole pie, guzzle down three gallons of milk, all packing away new pounds on the once skinny but sexy girl.

Kaylah definitely is only getting sexier, if a bit plump in all the right places as the extreme stuffings only get kinkier. Who will ultimately win Gobble Gobble Turkey? Will the boys be surprised by an unexpected player arriving? Will Kaylah put on the most weight of any girl on campus returning after the Thanksgiving holidays?

Find out in an all new SINtendo Selects Game of the Month!


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