Mar 31 2017

SINtendo is more fun when there’s more than one…

SINtendo Solit-AIRheads by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Solit-AIRheads by Kris P. Kreme

Finding herself as always accompanied by her identical twin on the day of an important internship interview, Dehlia just might have a way out. She’s tired of perky, flirty, showy Dahlia ruining her life and today she wants more than just the job.

It all comes down to a not so innocent head to head phone game while waiting to be called up for their interviews, a game of SINtendo Solit-AIRheads… where there’s much more cleared than just the cards and where soon enough nothing is identical about Dahlia and Dehlia.

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Twins may be close but that never means they are the same, and the case couldn’t be any truer for twin girls Dehlia and Dahlia. Identical in every way on the outside, they couldn’t be much more different inside and today is a very important day for the levelheaded realist Dehlia… a day that can only be ruined as most things are in life by her clingy sister Dahlia.

Set to interview at a big company downtown, Dehlia can only roll her eyes as Dahlia is right there with her for the same interview. Dahlia has always been a flirt, a carefree spirit, way too perky and positive when the world isn’t all puppies and rainbows. She has made Dehlia seem like the bad twin far too many times in life, whether it’s merely flirting her way with Daddy or generally making Dehlia seem gloomy and sullen by always insisting on wearing her hair and makeup the same, the comparison quite apparent when Dehlia can hardly ever get rid of her.

Today though might just change everything, a day that finally sets them both onto the paths of their soon to be adult lives as they interview at this company.

When they arrive in the fancy lobby, both girls are told it will be about a half hour wait until called upstairs for their interviews. Dahlia is predictably perky and happy until discovering that the half hour wait will need to be spent without internet or outside wireless networks due to company security blocking of their cell phone devices.

As annoying as ever, not at all to Dehlia’s surprise, Dahlia is wanting in on whatever Dehlia is spending her time doing on her phone, playing a game she downloaded, a game that does in fact offer a two person option of game play even if it’s one of the most famously single person games around, solitaire.

Noticing the maker of the game, as well as the unusual spelling, sweet innocent Dahlia thinks nothing, only seeing the 2 player head to head option and finding hope for a less boring time spent waiting in the empty lobby.

What poor Dahlia never could suspect is that her twin has taken enough assumptions of being the bad twin to heart and today she has ensured that a predictable series of events all lead to Dehlia being included in this little head to head match up, a match up only a company like SINtendo could create.

Reluctantly letting Dahlia link up to her game on her own phone, only Dehlia can truly see the rewards offered for each sister attempting to clear the same solitaire hand in a shorter amount of time.

Having never even played solitaire before, there’s little hope for Dahlia from the first round but when each successful win gives Dehlia the reward to add solit-AIR somewhere within her identical twin’s body, very soon they are looking anything but identical.

Will Dahlia somehow survive a head to head round of solitaire, or will it leave her head full of air and ready for the company men upstairs? Just how bad a twin is Dehlia? Find out as SINtendo Selects Game of the Month returns with Solit-AIRheads.


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