Apr 16 2017

Have a Happy Humpy Easter

Happy Humpy Easter by Kris P. Kreme

Happy Humpy Easter by Kris P. Kreme

From a pastor and his innocent daughter to a couple trying to keep their bills paid to a young woman with the annoying task of watching after an eighteen year old kid, something twisted is hopping down the bunny trail into their lives.

When the pastor of a church has to make do without an Easter Bunny costume, his daughter solves the problem, the two finding bunny ears and puff ball tail for her to wear. But wearing them will do something to everyone who breathes in the unusual scent they give off.

It’s a series of accidental obsessions, one innocent mind at a time, but all will end up having a very Happy Humpy Easter.


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Easter can be one of those stressful times of the year, especially for a few unsuspecting young women who have no idea just how their Easter is about to take a turn for the truly twisted.

At a nice friendly church, Pastor Caleb Finn is feeling anything but friendly towards his own unfortunate luck. He’s made it through the services, the week leading up to Easter always stressful and demanding of his every moment, but it’s the small little Easter Bunny tradition for children after church that may just ruin his day.

The problem is that the Easter Bunny suit never came back from the cleaners and the parents are waiting with their children behind the church for the annual photo op fun that comes from letting their kids meet the Easter Bunny.

After being calmed by his lovely daughter Mindy, they might just have a workable solution though, provided someone in the recent yearly donation drive left something that will pass for a bunny mask, maybe some ears, something that Mindy can slip on and pretend to at least be the Easter Bunny’s helper, there to make the kids smile.

Fortunately for Caleb and his blood pressure, Mindy quickly finds both bunny ears and puff ball tail while the two sift through donation boxes, but unfortunately neither has a clue just the unnatural influence slipping those bunny ears and puff ball tail on will have.

Always a good girl, definitely the preacher’s daughter, Mindy is overcome by the feeling of the ears and tail, a powerful scent overcoming her every thought as she wears them. Pastor Caleb Finn never even suspects that it won’t be the two children still remaining who have smiles on their faces when his daughter makes her appearance… but instead those children will be off playing on church grounds while Mindy makes their daddies more than just smile.

Something about the bunny ears, something about that tail, the smell turns Mindy from good girl to good bunny and bunnies just love to do little more than mate.

Only Mindy won’t be the last unfortunate soul to suffer the fun filled fate of mating the afternoon away. When the bunny ears and tail are angrily torn away by a freaked out pastor, tossed into the dumpster, barely any time has passed when a down on their luck couple happens upon the discarded bunny items.

Randy and Monica have been dumpster diving in nice neighborhoods, trying to make ends meet after each losing their jobs in the past year, but when Randy finds nothing but the bunny ears and puff ball tail. As Monica touches the soft fuzzy material she simply can’t resist slipping them on over her long dark hair and very soon this couple is finding luck on their side and all new perverse ways of Monica bringing some money into their bank account.

Yet even this doesn’t end the titillating trail of the mysterious bunny ears as they are lost and found by the annoying eighteen year old Charlie, a kid too immature to be trusted as his parents are out of town for the holiday.

Charlie has been obsessively annoying his baby sitter, the beautiful young Leah, the entire time, and Leah is in full agreement he’s too old to be watched after like a baby, but when Charlie finds the bunny ears and jokingly runs up to slip them on her head without warning, it might just be baby making the two find themselves up to before long.

It’s Easter, and this year get plenty of Kreme filled goodies in your basket with an all new adventure which is sure to wish everyone a very Happy Humpy Easter.


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