Jun 18 2017

There are some Temps that Readers make Permanent

Temp Talking by Kris P. Kreme

Temp Talking by Kris P. Kreme

It’s all dialogue and yet all action when a fresh new face arrives to serve as a temp replacement for a certain man’s secretary.

Jessica never expected to love her new job, but she also never expected the job to be done on her, particularly as her new boss introduces himself and his own particular set of conversational skills.

Twisting all logic, warping her very thoughts, Jessica may be new to the temp agency, but she’s going to get some serious side benefits to this job, quite filling ones.


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Jessica is on her latest temp assignment, having been with the agency only a month now, still deciding what to do about her career path in front of her. She may just find that decision made for her when the man she’s hired to work for decides to chat with her and get a true feel for the new temp that will be his secretary.

A strange yet charming man, Jessica is never prepared for just where the conversation with this brilliant mind of the psychoanalytical fields will go.

Whether it’s the fact she is there to replace his secretary who left due to pregnancy, or the fact that over the course of their conversation she finds that he himself may have been responsible for that pregnancy, something is off about the entire encounter.

Yet Jessica is just as any other with this particular man, sucked into a conversation that might just ultimately suck away her very intelligence.

Was she always so willing to see things in such obscure ways? Was she always so willing to let the man always be right? And was Jessica always so open about being touched by a man simply because that man pays her temp wages?

Discover the Konversation that leads to twisted temp times with some good Temp Talking. The talk may be temporary, but the results will last… at least a good nine months or so.


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