Jul 08 2017

Sometimes you can’t help losing control…

Anger MOO-nagement by Kris P. Kreme

Anger MOO-nagement by Kris P. Kreme

Darwin Darius is a man with everything but a woman… and can’t control his temper long enough to get one.

Focused, sober, Darwin is out on the town seeking a friendly Asian woman, assuming dignity and respect will be inherent in them.

Unfortunately for him, Aki is too focused on practicing her dart game, and the hot model he finds at a nearby car show is repulsed, having been ogled all evening.

What neither knows of Darwin is that when angered he possesses a unique and humiliating talent for control, and where he loses control of his temper, he gains control over them… in kinky ways.


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Darwin Darius might to some men be the ultimate in evolution, a man of great wealth, a man who by all accounts should be able to enjoy the world as he sees fit. Unfortunately Darwin Darius has never mastered one thing, no amount of wealth or education giving him the ability he needed to dominate what has led to a life alone… his temper.

Fueled by a rage that drops full speed in a blink of an eye, Darwin Darius has a unique trait that was with him since birth, an inexplicable control over others but only a control when his temper was lost.

Having never had much success with women, always finding them shallow, self-absorbed, resistant to whatever charm he could muster, Darwin has become impatient, a man of wealth who is used to getting what he wants and equally used to anger doing him in on every attempt at successfully wooing and charming a member of the opposite sex.

Tonight though, he has a goal, and tonight he has avoided spending the early evening at his favorite pub getting drunk, instead focusing down his temperament, pinpointing his aims for where the night will lead him. Tonight, Darwin Darius simply wants to meet a nice Asian girl, Asians typically known for respect, confidence, a dignity most shallow women he hits on lack.

It’s a night Darwin assures himself will go differently than most, but a night Darwin Darius may just have to evolve to accept true disappointment… in the way only an angry Darwin can endure, with udder depravity.

Waiting the night patiently, it’s nearly ten when Darwin spots the girl who might be perfect for him, a girl he truly sees has gorgeous traits quite befitting the limitations he placed on his type of the night. Playing continuous games of darts, this girl is the one… but Darwin will have to wait until her little friend leaves to most casually make his move.

Aki’s parents had come from Japan seeking opportunities and a future, and now Aki studies hard in college to do the same. She’s always headstrong, and definitely keeping her friend at the pub longer than she’d prefer, but Aki knows that practice in a place with distractions will definitely help her master the skills she has.

A dart tournament on campus will give away a top prize of a scholarship boost and Aki has it in the bag. She hardly ever misses exactly where she aims, but little does Aki know that someone has aims of their own for her.

It isn’t until her friend leaves that the real distraction comes, a man much too old for her tastes, even if he does have a rich air about him. He’s far too forward and she’s far too focused on simply practicing her game, and that quickly pisses the man off… something Aki might well live to regret as he definitely doesn’t manage his anger well.

Turned down and finding this anger building, Darwin is quick to use his unleashed abilities on poor Aki, turning a simple toss of four darts into stabbing changes which will forever end any ambitions for success and respect Aki ever had.

As usual for Darwin Darius, he makes a game out of her humiliation, an amusement he will simply observe until calmed enough to continue on his night. If Aki hits a triple score ring on the board, her breasts will triple in size. If she hits the fifteen on her second toss, that’s how many gallons of milk her triple sized tits will produce.

It’s her own skill at hitting what she aims for that truly does Aki in, but what better fate since a cow definitely always has a bull’s eye?

Darwin Darius never gives up easily though, and even though the hour is late, down the street he finds a fancy indoor car show closing for the night, and one of the car models is just perfect for him.

Will she be open to his charms… or is Darwin Darius going to redefine the curves of an impressive attraction at this year’s car show in ways most others witnessing it all have never imagined?

He’s managed many things successfully in life to get to where he is, but Darwin Darius has an ego and a short fuse which tend to end his success with women quite quickly. On this particular night, he might not be managing his anger, but he’s still up for a little therapeutic Anger MOO-nagement.


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