Jul 26 2017

After a break, Selfies return with Brain Drain

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #20 - Selfies Brain Drain Special by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #20 – Selfies Brain Drain Special by Kris P. Kreme

One of the most popular series by the Kreme is the series based around the infamous technology called Brain Drain. A mysterious and addictive website where girls of all ages can reshape and perfect their bodies at the mere cost of their intelligence, their morality, their inhibitions, and more. Who needs to be smart when you have a body no guy can resist, and who needs responsible ethical behavior when all a girl wants to do is every guy around?

This Selfie offers:

Drained: Kira Carson, hot neighborhood mother finds that an innocent trip to the store results in purchases she never made, with prices she never would have been willing to pay. Leaving the house as an attractive, intelligent, responsible woman, faithful to husband and family, Kira returns with one overwhelming desire on the brain and less brain cells than she’s ever had before.

Brain Drain Financing: Bambi and Gwen are coeds and siblings, but they couldn’t be more different. Where Bambi thinks things through to a fault, redheaded Gwen is quick to try things. It’s Gwen’s impulsiveness that leads them to an online site which promises amazing holiday buys, at bargain prices, with no tax or shipping. Unfortunately it requires special financing…


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