Sep 13 2017

The Lost Kreme finds SINtendo

The Lost Kreme #6: SINtendo Whee POP! by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme #6: SINtendo Whee POP! by Kris P. Kreme

Kaitlyn Stewart was house sitting for a family in her neighborhood when she discovered a SINtendo Whee in their closet.

Bored, figuring it might be a fun way to pass the time, she hooked it up, finding a game called Whee Pop! that seemed worth trying.

Unfortunately, she discovered once you start playing a SINtendo game, you can’t stop until the game is over, and a game about avoiding popping bubbles may be anything but easy, especially when the consequences of popping bubbles threatens to pop every stitch of clothing off poor Kaitlyn and leave her a different girl forever after.

Some games are won and lost, and this is the Lost Kreme SINtendo during SINtendo September.


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Every now and then a tale is lost to Kreme readers, only uncovered years later, and this is the rare time a SINtendo tale has been discovered, one which will serve literally as a warning. No matter what you do, do not play SINtendo Whee, especially if you are a girl.

Those are the words warned by a once intelligent coed just beginning her college career, a young woman who simply wanted to pass the time and play a game, but discovered the cost of playing certain games can far outweigh the end rewards.

Kaitlyn Stewart was an average girl, living at home, earning a degree, and even keeping a personal video blog about life and her place in it.

For some time though she hasn’t had a blog entry and her latest entry will explain why as she tells firsthand of the incident that occurred when she was house sitting and discovered a SINtendo Whee!

Kaitlyn had never heard of SINtendo but games were games, or at least she thought they were. Figuring it as a fun way of passing the time, intrigued by the claims of being the most interactive gaming system on the planet, Kaitlyn dug through and found a game called Whee Pop! But this game would prove anything but easy, as the same ultimately couldn’t be said for Kaitlyn herself.

The goal of Whee Pop! was simple, stand central to the screen where you will see yourself on the screen and then jump, leap, bend, do whatever it took to avoid a flurry of incoming bubbles… and at all costs do not let them pop against you.

It was basically Asteroids but without shooting the incoming asteroids and the asteroids were bubbles. And it was quite challenging after the first practice session, as Kaitlyn Stewart would discover when she popped her first bubble.

Even though her clothing felt dry, it was as though she could feel the damp moisture of a popped bubble beneath the material, and that was only the first of inexplicable reactions to playing and struggling with SINtendo Whee Pop!

As the game goes along, she quickly discovers a horror she could not have imagined. As the bubbles pop, they swell up a part of her bit by bit, her chest and torso taking the brunt of the bubbles, her perky chest no longer just perky by the time she is struggling to jump out of the way.

With all the swelling, with all the newly expanded curves, it becomes only more difficult to play the game, and by the final regular round of play, Kaitlyn is definitely not the same looking girl on screen, and she’s feeling more than just tingly, more than just shocked, and way more than just jiggly.

But then SINtendo doesn’t finish so easily as she warns about months later in her video blog, SINtendo always has a final twist and the twist was the challenge rounds she was helpless to avoid playing once the game started, challenge rounds with either pink bubbles that aimed directly at her head and threatened with loss of intelligence, or cow shaped bubbles which wherever they struck threatened her already swollen tits with additional liquid weight.

Just how did Kaitlyn finish her fateful game? Did she ever house sit again? And how did she recover enough to even make a new video diary blog entry for her followers? Find out all this and more in the special SINtendo edition of The Lost Kreme, where win or lose, everyone wins in the end.


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