Nov 15 2017

The Klassics return with some Assistance

Roadside Assistance by Kris P. Kreme

Roadside Assistance by Kris P. Kreme

Jason Warner was never in bad shape, but an anxiety attack which sent him to the hospital just a month ago has changed the easygoing daily life he once enjoyed.

His stepdaughter Jenny has taken it upon herself to start a routine bike ride along the rarely traveled country hills near their home, and Jason simply can’t stand the two wheeled torture.

On a downhill section when Jenny gets a flat, the torture might be over, especially when an unexpected friendly man named Theo stops to assist. But will his Roadside Assistance do so much more than just fix Jenny so she certainly isn’t flat?


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Jason Warner was once betrayed by his wife, running off and leaving not only his marriage but leaving him a stepdaughter who didn’t deserve such abandonment. Currently though Jason almost wishes the girl who calls him Daddy might abandon her strict exercise regimen he’s trying to get into.

Ever since the fears of a heart attack last month, that turned out simply to be an anxiety attack, Jenny has been taking the lead on keeping her stepfather on the road to better health. And with his doctors insisting on more regular cardio routines, some strenuous but healthy activity daily, she decided that riding bikes together in the country hills surrounding their home was perfect.

Coasting down the hills might be one thing, but each and every push of the pedals up even a slight incline is torture on Jason, not that he’d complain too much to Jenny. She’s really been better to him by far than her mother ever was.

And so it’s one of their typical bike rides that finds Jason contemplating the gleeful destruction of the two wheel torture device as Jenny patiently waits ahead, the two rarely together since Jason just isn’t the bicycling type.

But when one of the rare together time downhill portions of their ride results in Jenny nearly crashing, her front tire flattened, they find themselves in an unusual situation. They are miles from home, along the country roads, where hardly any cars or trucks ever travel. With no way of patching or re-inflating the tire, it seems they might just be pushing their bikes the rest of the way.

That’s when the sound of an old truck engine, quite powerful for the somewhat antique looking vehicle crests the hills around them, and that is when Jason Warner and Jenny meet Theo, a somewhat imposing though obviously very friendly large black man with more than a slight bit of hearing loss.

Speaking boisterously, Theo asks how he can help them and when Jason says his stepdaughter has a flat, Theo totally misunderstands. However Jason doesn’t entirely realize the misunderstanding as he’s finally just enjoying a break from the exercise.

While Theo digs through the clutter in the back of his truck, presumably for a bike pump or patch kit, Jason talks about how much he can’t stand the exercising, but how Jenny’s taken charge and he isn’t going to argue with that.

Offering to help Jason as well as Jenny, Theo finds and presents a very aerodynamic fancy bike helmet to the exhausted stepfather, one he promises will make exercise much more fun, will energize him and keep him excited about the rides Jenny insists on.

But something is strange about this bike helmet, the little plates on the inside sending out static charges when Jason touches them, doing even more when Jenny suggests he try it on. And when Theo asks Jenny to lift up her top so he can fix her troubles of being flat… they both know that sometimes a little Roadside Assistance can change everything in ways they never imagined.

Will Jason feel the constant energy to keep right on exercising with Jenny? Will Jenny never be remotely flat again? Will their daily rides take on a more twisted enthusiasm?

Find out in the Kreme Klassic that first introduced the world to a man named Theo with a truck just filled with all sorts of helpful items that can truly provide some unexpected assistance.


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