Nov 24 2017

The Klassics never change

Fantasy Maker by Kris P. Kreme

Fantasy Maker by Kris P. Kreme

Quiet reserved Christina has been dragged to a fancy restaurant to celebrate a family business venture. Unfortunately, visiting home from school she had no fancy clothes and what her mother found in a closet is four years old and many sizes too small.

Now feeling the eyes of random strangers in the restaurant has turned Christina’s mind to sex, and the hot waiter who serves them has her imagination running even hotter.

Are these increasingly extreme fantasies she keeps having simply part of her own anxiety about what she wears… or are they destined to somehow come true? And who is really behind the Fantasy Maker.


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It’s bad enough for Christina that she’s being forced to go out to some fancy restaurant with her family while visiting home from college, but the absolute worst is that she didn’t bring anything fancy to wear, and her mother’s found the absolute last dress she ever would knowingly choose to wear in public these days.

Typically a quiet shy girl, Christina isn’t the kind to show off too much skin, which is precisely what the old dress from way back her freshman year of high school does on her now. At the time it may have been a nice fitted green dress for fancy occasions, but now on her matured form the neckline is obscene, showing more cleavage than it seems to hide, and having grown taller, it now feels more like some miniskirt rising too high on her thighs.

Of course nobody in her family seems to care what Christina thinks, and for the most part no one is even paying attention to her at the fancy restaurant. They are there to celebrate a new business partnership between her father and uncle, both brothers quite happy to celebrate in style with a nice meal.

The restaurant is fancy and fortunately they are eating in a nice private room, but that still doesn’t make the awkward walk past other men, old and young any easier on Christina’s young mind.

It’s once she has her seat and the waiter comes in to greet them that things take a most unexpected turn. Vince is everything a tall dark and handsome man should be, definitely the kind even a reserved girl like Christina can fantasize about.

Maybe it’s just the fact she was so focused on how over-sexualized her dress made her feel, or maybe it is just the looks she got on the way to her seat, but for some reason, once she sees Vince, and hears his friendly greeting, Christina simply can’t stop idly fantasizing about him.

It’s not even the usual fantasies, extreme ones, quite daring, quite sinful, like old romance novels gone bad. Christina simply keeps finding every thought distracted by the fantasies, by Vince just grabbing her, taking her, holding her, doing things to her no man has done, and even doing them right there at the table, no thought given to her family witnessing the crude defilement of her pure body.

Each time he returns, she finds those fantasies carrying her thoughts away, but when Vince returns to take their dinner order just what is the influence that seems to spread when his eyes meet hers?

Is Vince somehow responsible for the fantasies going wild inside Christina? Is Christina somehow influencing Vince to embody those fantasies? Or are they both merely pawns for someone else?

Just how far can a fantasy really take you before the fantasy becomes real? Find out in the twisted tale of embarrassment turned to shock turned to powerful orgasmic lust, Fantasy Maker.


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