Nov 28 2017

Billy’s a Klassic

Billy's Bully Blitz Backfires by Kris P. Kreme

Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfires by Kris P. Kreme

Billy was the victim, picked on every day in school by Chet Matthews, but today Billy has a plan… which might backfire into the worst humiliation he has known.

Inventing and working two years on a device that alters one’s voice to make every command and spoken fact true for those who hear it, Billy plans to confront Chet publicly, where others can witness the silly stupid fool he will make of him.

But when unfortunate events put the device not in Billy’s hands but Chet’s, all bets are off as to ever taking this bully down.

Device in hand, Chet does what any horny jock would and wages a path of perversity through every effort Billy can think of to stop him.


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It was a crisp morning that Billy walked quite proudly into the school, ignoring the looks of others who probably worried why the most picked on boy in school would ever seem so happy to be there. Today though was a special day, because today was a blitz attack of vengeance for years of torture at the hands of Chet Matthews.

Chet was always a jock, always cruel, and Billy was always his favorite victim. From elaborate pranks involving cheerleaders coaxed into pretending to like him only to be made a public mockery of to the standard wedgies, spitballs and other random annoyances, Chet was master of them all.

Today however, Billy was going to master his own fate, by blitzing the athlete who typically did so on the field of play, by walking right up to him and demanding humiliating tasks of him that everyone in the halls would witness.

And how is Billy to do such a thing; that part is simple, well simple to explain as he spent two years and all his savings developing the little modified speech device. Billy has always been the nerd, the smart kid, and thanks to Chet, the unpopular one. But Billy used that time and modified a device meant to hold against the throat and aid in speech to one’s whose vocal cords are damaged.

Yet Billy’s device does much more than merely allow his voice to sound robotic when he presses the device there. It allows him to manipulate others, most specifically Chet Matthews as that is the only one he ever intends to use the device on.

Confronting the hulking bully in a crowded hall before classes, Billy grins and pulls out his device, earning a flinch as Chet probably halfway expected his victim to pull out a gun, but this is not violence in schools, this is humiliation… for Chet.

Chet stops when Billy says stop. He blows kisses like an idiot to everyone around when Billy says blow kisses. And then… at the moment when everyone is laughing, everyone is going to see Billy get his revenge, a girl running late for class comes stumbling out of a nearby restroom and plows straight into Billy, knocking him down, sending that little device he worked so hard on skittering across the floor right at Chet.

As the angry bully stops blowing kisses, his rage is quite clear, and before Billy can pick himself up, Chet sees the device, puts it all together, and picks it up.

Simply telling Billy that he’ll keep the device, that Billy surely wouldn’t mind that, everything is reversed. Incapable of refusing a statement heard through the device from Chet, Billy can’t take it back even if he had the opportunity, but with such a device in the cruel selfish hands of an arrogant bully like Chet, the entire school, or town might be in danger.

Making sure no one ever saw his brief humiliation, that no one around will even remember the device, Chet and Billy part ways, leaving Billy to imagine the horrors of what humiliation Chet will at some random time lash out at him with, using his own device against him.

When the entire school day passes and nothing has happened, Billy finally discovers just what Chet has been using the device for, coming across a hot fellow student being eagerly fucked by Chet in a janitor’s closet.

On his way to the guidance counselor to report the stolen device, figuring it was his best option, Billy is stunned to see that like the alpha male jock he is, clearly Chet has let his dick do the thinking for how best to use that device, turning attractive student Christina Seacus into an incredibly cheap whore.

It’s in the shock of seeing Chet finish up with Christina that the bully spots his favorite victim and tells him to wait up, that they can see the counselor together. It’s unfortunate for Billy that he can’t refuse anything told to him using that device, and Chet clearly has worked out perfectly how it functions. But it’s much more unfortunate for Counselor Sara Summer, a young just out of college guidance counselor who is soon standing before the two students in the privacy of her office asking why they needed to speak to her.

Turning the intended plea for help recovering his device into something much kinkier, and far from ethical for young Sara Summer, Chet is quickly making the day of Billy’s intended bully blitz nothing short of a nightmare, even as to him it becomes a fantasy come true.

Can anyone help Billy? Is the young picked on genius smart enough to find a way out of the situation he got himself into? Can the police help… his parents? Or is Billy simply spreading the humiliation around by going to any of them for help when it merely takes a word or two spoken by Chet holding that special device to rewrite any thoughts, intentions, or personas they ever had?

Only one thing is certain, this will be a very long day, a very perverse day, and the day Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfires.


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