Dec 12 2017

Give the gift of Mindlessness at Krismas

Merry Mindless Melanie by Kris P. Kreme

Merry Mindless Melanie by Kris P. Kreme

When Melanie came into Todd’s life, it was the end to all things great about living with his dad. She walked in, stole his dad from him, changed their eating habits, berated Todd, and generally was a real bitch.

A business trip pulling his father Evan out of town promises to make things worse, leaving Todd alone with Melanie. But the gift Evan gives her changes everything, Todd recognizing the Comfort Corset as something else.

He’s seen the ads for Merry Mindless Corsets, and he knows they can make Melanie mindless, subject to whatever anyone tells her she is or will become. So this Christmas she’s definitely going to still be a bitch, but only the best kind.


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The unexpected sequel present to The Merry Mindless Corset

There is almost no chance this Christmas is going to be anything close to merry for Todd, and all of that is thanks to his new stepmother, Melanie.

The woman somehow wormed her way into his dad’s life over the course of a few weeks back early in the year, somehow managed to get a wedding ring on her finger in just a matter of months… and now life has been little more than a daily nightmare.

Melanie somehow charmed his father, Evan, but Todd sees just what the woman is, a control freak. She has berated their household eating habits, changed the television programs they watch, and least excusable taken all the fun activities he used to enjoy with his dad away. Even if she tries to act sweet sometimes, it’s mostly a show for Evan, the man clearly smitten by her hourglass figure, her long dark red hair, and her bright blue eyes.

As far as Todd is concerned, she’s evil, stepping right in and ruining everything he had with his own father in under a year, and now it promises to be the first Christmas together from hell, thanks to a last minute announcement by Evan that he has to leave town on business and won’t even be around for the holiday week.

Figuring it can’t possibly get any worse than being trapped at home, his college closed and nowhere else to go, Melanie criticizing everything he does, Todd can’t imagine the presents his dad says he has early will make any difference.

Ironically though it isn’t Todd’s gift which makes the holidays better, but the one Evan bought for Melanie, one he truly has no idea about just what it can do.

Letting them open the gifts before he leaves town, Evan is admittedly bothered that by some bizarre snag they shipped the wrong item to Todd, not the special fancy fishing reel he’d ordered, instead a studded dog collar and leash.

Yet Evan and soon Todd is thrilled by the gift Melanie opens, though for entirely different reasons. Melanie has always mentioned back troubles, a busty curvy attractive woman prone to such things. Yet the special corset he bought, something called a Comfort Corset, is anything but the solution to those troubles.

Only Todd recognizes the signature MMC emblem on the packing slip that comes from the package Melanie opens. A horny young typical college guy, Todd has seen the late night infomercials for the Merry Mindless Corset, something his dad clearly missed if he ordered this to help Melanie’s back.

As Todd knows, the Merry Mindless Corset is an adult product shipped in subtle packaging called a Comfort Corset, and that’s mostly to put the woman it is intended for at ease. According to the commercials, which admittedly seem ridiculously over the top, likely a scam, the Merry Mindless Corset once worn wipes out the woman who wears it, a blank slate ready to be instructed, to be told her new reality.

Anything told of her is fair game, a pretty much programmable woman for the man whose tired of being nagged or ignored. While Melanie certainly hasn’t rubbed his father the wrong way, she definitely has Todd… and seeing that Comfort Corset, the distinct MMC labeling, Todd wonders if maybe, just maybe, there are better ways Melanie can rub him while his father is out of town.

As soon as his dad is gone, with the promise of a week long hell ahead of him, Todd is convincing Melanie that he knows the manufacturer of the Comfort Corset, that they insist on returns within a small window if for any reason it doesn’t fit properly.

Unassuming, she goes to the privacy of her bedroom to try it on and Todd wonders if there’s even the slightest chance a genuine holiday miracle could be taking place, that the answer to all his problems might be found in a novelty adult fashion product actually doing what the outlandish advertisements claim.

When twenty minutes pass and she still hasn’t been heard, not a berating word, no complaints, Todd figures something has to be wrong, either that or she left. But no, there is Melanie, wearing her new fancy bronze toned Comfort Corset, standing so still she barely seems to be breathing, a suddenly blank look in her obviously mindless eyes.

Tempting fate by giving her an instruction, a simple jump up and down command, figuring his luck just can’t have taken such a positive turn. Yet bouncing reveals more than just his luck, and soon Todd is seeing just the charms his dad fell such easy prey to.

Inspired by the studded collar and leash his dad accidentally gave as a wrongly shipped order, Todd has an all new bitch to spend the holidays with, and thanks to her merry mindless attitude, she’s quite the bitch in heat for him and all his friends.

Nothing is off limits and everything including Melanie is on the table. No complaints about making messes, no berating voice grating on his nerves… only the moaning pleasure of a woman his friends all thought was a serious milf before they spent Christmas making her one.


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