Dec 16 2017

SINtendo for Krismas is a tradition

SINtendo Santa by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Santa by Kris P. Kreme

There’s no escaping bullies, not for Johnny. Caught staring at Kelly Price, the prettiest girl in school shopping with her mother, her bully brother Miles is quick to offer punching punishment.

However the punches lead Johnny to slapping a clay pot one of the mall trees grows in and that is where he finds an old 8-bit pocket game called SINtendo Santa.

When a twist of fate leads Johnny face to face with Madelaine Price and her daughter, will they be drawn to sit on Johnny’s lap and tell him their deepest darkest desire?

The cheesy game he found may be the best gift never given as Johnny finds a way to get revenge on Miles as well as what he and every other boy in school always wanted.


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Johnny has been from the wrong side of the tracks all his young life, and as if that wasn’t bad enough it never helps that bullies in school generally liked reminding him just how unwelcome he always was around them or their families.

It happens to be Miles Price that rules Johnny’s nightmares, a spoiled rich punk that has two goons, Orson and Drake, always at his side. Held back a year so that Miles is in the same grade as his sister Kelly and of course Johnny, the eighteen year old is cruel well beyond his years.

While at the mall one day during the festive holiday season, Johnny is hardly even aware he was staring until Miles Price approaches with the goon squad, and what would he have been staring at… but Kelly Price, Miles’ sister and arguably hottest girl in school.

It seems the Price women have been doing a little holiday shopping, not that Johnny would know much about such things, his family always too poor to afford a lump of coal. it easily could have been either Kelly or her mother Madelaine that Johnny, or equally any man in the mall was staring at.

Gorgeous brunette hair on the both of them, Kelly wearing a classy sweater that shows off just a bit of her trim midriff, an equally classy skirt. Where the younger Price girl hasn’t achieved the chest up top, she’s slender perfection to her mother’s tempting curves, and Miles clearly isn’t feeling forgiving this Christmas.

After the goons hold poor Johnny in place, Miles delivers a nice one two punch, and so begins another dreaded day in the life of the perpetually bullied and abused.

Johnny isn’t even sure which is worse, the bullying in a public food court or the fact no one seemed to care what happened.

Frustrated he smacks his hand angrily into the large potted plant he’d been seated there leaning against, and that is when fate steps in for Johnny.

Hearing something rattle inside the large pot, Johnny digs through the decorative greenery and finds what he can only assume was dropped many many years ago, perhaps from a balcony overlooking this food court, a small handheld video game.

Just a cheesy little pocket game, Johnny is actually thrilled, the best gift he’s never gotten, especially when it powers up and actually works, the horribly low quality blocky graphics corny but fun looking.

Putting Miles out of mind, even looking away from Madelaine and Kelly Price, Johnny figures how much trouble can a little handheld game get him into? Little does he know that SINtendo Santa as the pocket game calls itself, is anything but trouble free, yet the troubles it brings might more be for everyone else.

The premise is simple, guide the little blocky red and white Santa figure around with the directional pad, letting other equally blocky figures, though mostly girls it seemed, sit on his lap and determine if they were good or bad little children.

Having fun, directing the little game character around, using a button to gain the attention of a potential character, then watching that character sit on the little blocky Santa’s lap, Johnny is actually almost happy he got punched.

He’d never have found the quirky little game otherwise, never seen the hilarious way such limited graphics distinguish good and bad little boys or girls, a skull and crossbones for bad, a smiley face for good.

It’s purely by chance that Madelaine and Kelly Price happen to cross nearby on their way to the stairs which will take them to the parking deck. But when Johnny looks up and sees that firm flat tummy of Kelly Price’s so nicely exposed and nearby, he momentarily loses his grip and the little plastic game goes skittering off his lap onto the floor.

The bizarre day he has only had a taste of is about to get truly twisted as Kelly picks up the game, friendly smile, hands it back to him, and then for whatever strange reason both she and her mother just stand there.

Unsure what they are waiting on, it’s when Johnny looks at the game screen, at those limited 8-bit graphics. That’s when he notices the single large smiley face. When he tilts the little handheld game even slightly from mother to daughter, two large smiley faces appear.

Baffled, Johnny presses the directional button down and Madelaine Price just drops her shopping bags to the floor, stepping forward, turning, and promptly taking a seat right on his lap.

It’s probably something men have fantasized about for many years even before Johnny was born, a woman like Madelaine Price nothing to frown at, particularly when she sits down and tells Johnny she has been good this year

Confused, he can only listen as she follows such an odd proclamation with what has to be her deepest darkest hidden desire.

Madelaine Price has been good this year, but she always wanted to cheat on her husband.

In the game, he pressed a button and the good little girls got what they asked Santa for, but nothing comes close to matching the weird thrill of seeing a woman like Madelaine Price treat him as the actual Santa, sitting on his lap, telling him what she always wanted, no matter how perverse.

With a button press on the handheld pocket game, Madelaine Price simply moans an affirmative and stands right up. Johnny then watches her walk over to grab a man away from clearly his own wife, have some seductive words with him, and very soon is hearing the grunts and moans from a barely hidden shadowy corner of the food court behind him where Madelaine Price is getting good and fucked.

Just what will happen when Kelly Price takes a seat on Johnny’s lap, especially with Miles and his two goons having noticed? What will possibly happen when she declares that she always secretly wanted to be followed down a dark alley and gang banged so brutally she passed out… that she wanted to be used as a disposable fuck toy over and over again by them?

Only SINtendo can bring out the deepest darkest fantasies even classy girls and women have, and only Johnny thanks to playing SINtendo Santa can possibly make those fantasies come true this Christmas.

He may not be getting so much as a lump of coal this Christmas, but Johnny is sure going to be getting what he always wanted… while ironically giving it to the prettiest girl in school. SINtendo Santa gives every Ho Ho Ho what they really desire, no games about it.


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