During Krismas there’s no such thing as bad weather

Booby Trapped Blizzard by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped Blizzard by Kris P. Kreme

Bad weather is something Teresa Simpson specializes in handling. As the lead emergency meteorologist for a region of her state, she’s trained to handle white out conditions like the current blizzard guarantees.

Facing the potential of being stuck in the station with only station manager Joel to keep her company, the last thing she expects is a prank call on the National Weather Advisory line.

Told she has been Booby Trapped, what is Teresa to do when after refusing a challenge she finds her small chest massively growing?

Who could possibly be behind such a perverse prank, and what is Teresa to do? She’s been trapped by blizzards before… but Teresa Simpson has never been Booby Trapped.


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For nearly three years, Teresa Simpson has been the lead emergency meteorologist for a remote region of her state, working tirelessly and efficiently from the rather industrial looking remote weather station in the hills.

This holiday season, a major blizzard is forming, the perfect winter storm, that already has roadways closing and quite possibly could trap her inside the weather station for several days, maybe even past Christmas.

It’s something no one really wants to do, but Teresa is dedicated to her job and from the looks of things she won’t be here alone, as the station manager Joel shows up rather unexpectedly.

Typically Teresa handles these situations fine on her own, but as Joel points out, work is work, and you get called in for different reasons, only tonight, when the white out conditions are at their worst, Teresa may get a call that changes everything about her promising career as a meteorologist.

Often kidded by Joel about her flaming red hair, just since the weather rarely feels as warm as she looks, Teresa knows she’s attractive, but unlike so many who might have her looks, she values her mind, studying hard to get where she is, to have the skills she has for weather monitoring and analysis.

She works well with Joel, a happily married man with kids who unfortunately might be missing time with them Christmas morning if this storm shapes up the way it seems to be doing. If anything there is only one blemish on the station, and that would be Sam, a country bum, quite different from city bums in that most city bums at one time had a job.

Sam has apparently never had one, redneck raised and once calling a trailer home, a trailer that blew away in a storm during the past year. Ever since then, Sam blamed the weather station, as though they could control the weather, and he’s been bumming around the dumpsters, living wherever he can close to the station.

Tonight, Teresa’s main job will be to monitor the radar and listen for calls on the NWA phone, the National Weather Advisory line that signals immediate warnings or alerts her station is to pass on through radio or other measures.

Since most monitoring was automated, and the storm is predictable if severe, she’s all but expecting a boring night, and then the NWA direct line rings.

Answering at once, Teresa is definitely not prepared for what she hears, a distinctly distorted voice which informs her she has been Booby Trapped.

Naturally she assumes it has to be some sort of prank, though who could ever have access to the emergency NWA line in is beyond her. The only one she could even suspect of playing a joke is station manager Joel and as the camera monitors near her computer clearly show, he’s currently about to drift off across the building at his desk, magazine in hand, phone nowhere near him.

Becoming quite aggressive, the mysterious distorted voice on the line informs her she has to complete three challenges, and for each challenge she fails to complete, her perky but small tits will undergo massive growth. If she fails too many assigned tasks, Teresa Simpson may go from brainy to emptier upstairs than the closed roads are outside.

Since the special NWA line is only a direct line in, no calling out, she’s unsure exactly what to do, since there isn’t much option of reporting to anyone but Joel and no reason to bother him over a crude prank. However when the first challenge is given, to simply strip off her sweater, she definitely knows she isn’t playing along with this sick game.

As soon as the severe pressure in her chest hits her, Teresa knows that somehow, beyond any science she understands, this is not merely a game.

Collapsing back in her chair, she can only watch as her small breasts bud out bigger and bigger, her flesh stretching her sweater impossibly tighter, stitches ripping, a feeling like heartburn warming hotter and hotter inside her aching breasts

Somehow, the caller, no matter how ridiculous and crude they might sound, speaks the truth. But she can barely accept what she just felt and saw before challenge number two is given, a challenge she can’t even imagine fulfilling, as it’s quite simply perverse.

Within the next three minutes, she must be on her knees with a dick in her mouth, or else those already large tits might just explode into massive udders, the kind no meteorologists have ever seen much less possessed, the kind no one would ever be capable of looking at and respecting.

Joel is married with kids, and yet he is the only man in the building. Can Teresa possibly even do what is being asked of her? More importantly is it even possibly to run across the building to his office and drop to her knees in under three minutes?

The clock is ticking, and even if she avoids this growth, there’s a final challenge waiting, but things aren’t looking good at all. Teresa Simpson is a bright vibrant intelligent young meteorologist, a confident redhead not swayed by the blizzard outside… and yet it isn’t the blizzard which has her trapped.

Will she see all new meaning to white out conditions? Will she discover who is really the mastermind behind this twisted phone call? And just what will happen when a Booby Trapped victim is trapped for days in a remote weather station?

Find out as more than the weather goes bust this winter.


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    • Mr.Crypto on December 20, 2017 at 8:30 am

    This story looks great and I can’t wait to give it a read!

    As a side note is there anyway you could work in some memory manipulation into some of your later work? You did it in the Seaman Shack stories and I absolutely loved the idea!

    1. I’ll keep that in mind and see what I can do!

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