May 05 2018

The Lost Kreme Returns with a Blowout

The Lost Kreme # 7: Snuffed Out by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme # 7: Snuffed Out by Kris P. Kreme

Occasionally a Tale from the Kreme is Lost, but other times those tales are nearly Snuffed Out.

Nearly lost forever is a sequel to Beverly’s Birthday Bimbo Blowout, which saw David surprising the love of his life with trick candles, balloons, and a cake on her 21st birthday.

Unfortunately for her and fortunate for David, Beverly literally blew her mind out extinguishing the candles, and through a comical course of events blew up her once modest tits, becoming a literal sex doll eager to be used and abused.

Now the day after, David faces complications of her family and friends seeing what became of her, and ultimately will either face dark repercussions or give into his own dark desires.


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Beverly was a highly intelligent coed, not to mention a brunette, before something happened on her 21st birthday that her boyfriend David will never forget. Sadly for Beverly now, she has forgotten almost everything and everyone, just part of the side effects from some trick birthday candles David got for her cake.

Shopping at the Kremery, David purchased some candles that promised to not only perplex anyone blowing them out, but to cause such extreme concentration in the effort of blowing them out that the person literally blew out their own intelligence in the process.

Additionally some balloons purchased at the same time created a unique situation where the temporary mindlessness was anything but temporary, and now Beverly has been left massively inflated like some curvy blow up doll with faker than fake big tits and a seemingly ceaseless appetite for all things sex.

While unintended, most guys might not mind having their brainy girlfriend apparently permanently turned into a brainless bimbo, but when he gets an unexpected call the next day from Robert, Beverly’s father… a man he always has both feared and respected, complications to his getting all a young man might ever wish for are rising faster than even Beverly can get his cock to rise.

After Beverly grabs the phone and makes the mistake of saying something totally unlike the old Beverly, David tries to just come clean, explaining that what was meant to be a harmless birthday prank somehow forever changed the once good girl, now fuck doll slut Robert calls a daughter.

Needless to say Robert has no patience for whatever has happened to his precious little girl, and isn’t about to believe on the phone that some trick candles and balloons along with a special cake made her dumber than a brick and easier than a cheap whore. He demands David bring Beverly over, that he explain himself in person and show just what has happened to once sweet intelligent Beverly.

Yet will David ever be able to convince Robert what happened wasn’t intentional at all, that he’d always respected as much as loved Beverly? At least will he convince him without ending up in traction himself? And what about more complications such as Beverly’s friends from the neighborhood or her mother, Julie?

Beverly’s Birthday Bimbo Blowout is over… and no matter how fun her new body may be, all parties have to end and everyday complications arise. Can David deal with the consequences, or is his future as Snuffed Out as Beverly’s hopes of graduating college have become.


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  1. Tainted Love

    I’m just eager for the hopeful eventual follow up chapter to this, I still remember it and the first one.

    1. Kris P. Kreme

      There’s a half-done story, we’ll see how things go with it. Thanks for the comment!

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