May 25 2018

Spring Cleaning gets… dirty.

Kreme Kleaning by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme Kleaning by Kris P. Kreme

A special themed Kollection of Kreme!

Over 20,000 Words!

It’s that time of year again, Spring Cleaning time… although at Kastle Kreme things sometimes just get dirtier. Maids have it rough, but they’ve never had it rougher or ended up enjoying a most unclean ending more than in two of these tales. And have you ever wanted to leave a certain waitress an extra big tip… possibly more?

The Kreme hired a new maid this Spring and it’s service with a smile in these three tales she swept right up for you.


This freshly dusted Kollection of Kreme includes:


A Maid made Thirsty: The town of Victoria has hidden a mystery for centuries, one locked tight within the shadows of the Dark Forest. Stephanie knows there’s more being hidden than just what goes on in that barn, mysteries such as the strangely powerful and addictive milk Vicky likes to have in her morning coffee.

Elevated Anxiety: Dressed as a sexy maid, Harmony was just sneaking out to a costume party some cool kids are throwing from school. Of course sneaking out from a high rise apartment can be difficult, especially when you become trapped on a broken down elevator with a stranger. Is the stranger, a man named Randall, as friendly as he seems, or will Harmony soon find herself becoming much more friendly?

The Waitress Game: The man with stimulating conversational skills continues his game at a restaurant. Trevor is more than willing to offer some friendly advice to a cute waitress who has provided excellent service. After discussing how she can earn better tips, Miley finds that everything he says makes perfect sense and thanks to his advice, all of her male customers will be much more satisfied with her service.


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