Oct 08 2018

HallowKreme gets mooving

Livestock by Kris P. Kreme

Livestock by Kris P. Kreme

Insisting on repaying her best friend Dana for saving them both from twisted horny frat guys the year before, Nina has driven them both to a remote wilderness, planning to camp the Halloween away just the two of them.

Unfortunately the wilderness she has driven to belongs to a crazy redneck father and son, who are quick to see all new fates for the cute coeds, fates where they will serve as livestock on a very special farm.

Can Nina escape being hunted, or will she find that in the end there is no escaping what being hunted will make her become?


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Last Halloween, Nina and her best friend Dana were nearly taken advantage of due to spiked drinks at a Halloween party on campus. Fortunately Dana had stayed sharper just a bit longer and managed to save them the embarrassment of a next day walk of shame. So this year, Nina has decided to repay the favor and ensure they are nowhere remotely close to scheming frat boys looking for action.

Unfortunately Nina’s good intentions may just put them someplace where calling for help does zero good, as no one can hear anyone scream in the middle of a forest.

Questioning her impulsive brunette friend the entire time, Dana knows this is not a smart idea, planning a Halloween camping trip for just the two of them alone in a remote wilderness. Even worse she knows it’s a horrible idea to have ignored the warning sign they both saw miles back from a winding barely traveled wilderness road Nina has been traveling to reach the camping spot.

That sign clearly warned that it was Private Property, clearly said in foreboding words that Trespassers Will Be Hunted.

And yet Nina assures Dana the sign was probably some ancient rusted joke, that this land has belonged to the state for years, and of course nobody would hunt people on their land illegally.

What the coeds never realize is that quite possibly they took a wrong turn there’s no turning back from, at least not for long. In this wilderness lives a father and son who do indeed not appreciate trespassers, but there’s always a particular kind of appreciation for hunting trespassers who look as cute as Nina and Dana do.

Waking up the morning after setting up camp, Dana has already been roped and gagged, Nina horrified to see the redneck looking backwoods crazies who have them at their mercy. She’s particularly horrified by the large long barreled gun the father grins and waves around.

Yet is this simply a murderous duo intent on dispatching with these college girls, or does their plan to make the girls livestock for their nearby wooded farm involve something much much more horrifying, and quite a bit kinkier as well?

HallowKreme takes readers into the woods, where nature is not the deadliest danger… especially when you’re a pretty girl destined to become nothing more than Livestock.


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