Oct 20 2018

HallowKreme at night can’t be forgotten

The Night Nurse by Kris P. Kreme

The Night Nurse by Kris P. Kreme

On Kendra’s first night as the night nurse for a creepy closed down hospital, she’s given a lot of specific warnings by Doctor Devon.

The place is haunted, he tells her, and there are certain places she should never go… most notably the basement where he claims zombies roam from the old morgue, reports of a previous night nurse being crudely assaulted.

Just what is the truth behind the old hospital, can the stories as crazy as they sound possibly hold any truth? Kendra will surely find out, and her first night may just be her last.


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When it comes to being the responsible one, Kendra Spirosed is always to be counted on, and as she arrives for her first night on the job, a temp job at an old abandoned hospital, she knows it’s probably not going to be that much fun.

Of course the money is important, she and her roommate already behind on their rent and with a roomate who never worries about anything, it’s up to Kendra to do what it takes during the week off around Halloween to earn some extra income.

Mandinesstor Hospital is even creepier after dark than it is during the day, and the towering old structure seems entirely abandoned as she arrives, not that there should be many people there, only one… a Doctor Devon who hired her as the temporary night nurse. It’s purely a title, since he was once the head doctor back when the hospital was still open for business.

No one could deny, particularly with letters having fallen off the hospital sign, that it’s a very spooky place to be alone at night. Madness Hospital, as the sign reads with missing letters, almost seems a more fitting title, and after meeting Doctor Devon at one of the few lighted areas in the old condemned structure, Kendra learns just how strange this old place is.

According to Doctor Devon, the reason they even have to hire a night nurse is that one month ago an ambulance driver accidentally brought a patient here, for whatever reason assuming the hospital was still open. During the stop at the emergency entrance, somehow the patient with a minor head injury in back vanished, the woman’s family creating all sorts of uproar until it was decided they have a worker hired to just stay and monitor the building at night, during the hours when such a mistake might occur.

Of course that is only the beginning of the creepy warnings Doctor Devon offers to Kendra, also insisting it’s required she wear a nurse’s uniform since otherwise she wouldn’t be dressed as an authorized hospital worker.

He claims the building is haunted, possibly because Mandinesstor Hospital was a place which specialized in treating men, particularly the more unsavory ones of society. They handled criminals, mentally handicapped, and those with psychological trauma, and for whatever reason many of them never left.

There are specific places Kendra is told to avoid, like the hospital administrator’s office behind the main reception desk she will spend most her nights in, and the basement morgue floor… because as he puts it, there are zombies in the basement.

Confused, not really believing much of what Doctor Devon tells her, Kendra finds it ridiculous to buy into his story of a past night nurse’s claims that she was assaulted in the basement by zombies, nor putting much stock in his claims that the woman’s hair turned white in fear that night.

It’s probably all just a bit of oddball fun Doctor Devon is having, trying to spook the new girl, especially around Halloween. Yet even so, she’ll make sure she avoids the areas he said to avoid, because haunted or not, this creepy old hospital is weird and not a place anyone would want to spend the night alone.

But just what will happen when an accident in the only working elevator leaves Kendra trapped on the basement morgue floor… and is there any truth to the spooky stories Doctor Devon told her?

Could there really be aggressively aroused zombies in the basement… could there be perverse ghosts haunting the old administrator’s office? And just what will ultimately be the true duties of Night Nurse in Madness Hospital?

The answers might horrify you, so read with the lights on this HallowKreme as you follow the impending fate of The Night Nurse.


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