Nov 21 2018

Give thanks for a new Kuickie

The Kuickies #11 - ThankFULL by Kris P. Krem

The Kuickies #11 – ThankFULL by Kris P. Krem

When the stuffing calls your name and there’s too much to eat, enjoy a nice small portion of Kreme.

In a brand new Kuickie, we find frustrated restaurant owner David meeting with his staff of waitresses before Thanksgiving, informing them of an 8 day motivational program they will be trying.

Motiv-8 is a subliminal program that will play behind the light music that plays over speakers in the restaurant. It’s intended to bring positivity, smiles, and generally boost customer satisfaction.

Yet will Motiv-8 work too well and leave customers and waitress staff immensely satisfied in ways David never imagined? Find out, and feel truly ThankFULL this year.


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Owner and operator of his own franchise restaurant, David never looks forward to Thanksgiving. It’s just a tough business to be in this time of year, when most people will have family gatherings, big get together parties, be traveling, or just otherwise too busy to head on down to a local restaurant and sit down for a meal.

This year though at his monthly motivational staff meeting with the waitresses the week before Thanksgiving, David has at least a small hope of something different. That hope comes in a new program they’ll be initiating over the 8 days until Thanksgiving, a subliminal motivational program called Motiv-8.

As he explains to his six waitresses, most importantly to his top waitress Michelle and the youngest and quite easily most vapid girl Ida, Motiv-8 will be connected to the sound system that plays the light background music overhead throughout the operating day. The subliminal messages are meant to over the course of 8 days encourage smiles, promote a general happiness among staff and customers which should result in a more satisfying experience.

At least the business partners David met with assured him that’s what the point of the program is. Whatever the case, it’s free to try this year and the logic fits. Bigger smiles mean bigger tips which means bigger satisfaction and finally bigger success. Maybe the customers will even come back, make extra stops over Thanksgiving which would certainly be a welcome boost to the struggling restaurant.

Despite the always frustrating Ida misunderstanding everything, David has full confidence in his girls, and with Michelle in charge he’s hopeful Motiv-8 will give him something to be thankful about come the end of the month.

Unfortunately he won’t be around to check the day to day operations, having to meet with the franchise partners over the next week, returning on Thanksgiving Day.

But just how motivated will this subliminal program have the staff… and just what will those motivations lead to? One thing is certain, each and every day, with each new step in the Motiv-8 program, Michelle, Ida, and the rest will find bigger smiles and better ways of truly satisfying the customers.

The only question is whether David will be thankful to see a packed restaurant when he returns, or downright horrified at how literally ThankFULL his staff can be.

It’s the time of year to overindulge, but never fear, the Kreme is here to keep your diet in check with a mere morsel of a tale, a Kuickie to snack on while resting from too much turkey. So gobble it down, and get motivated… because Krismas is just around the corner.


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