Dec 10 2018

The Elves know Naughty…

The Naughty Elves and The Naughty Streak by Kris P. Kreme

The Naughty Elves and The Naughty Streak by Kris P. Kreme

Hurrying to get donations and his wife’s favorite Santa hat to her for a television interview, Kenneth Manders collides with more than fate in a hospital stairwell.

The two strange little men claim to be Naughty Elves, and they’ve heard of his wife Victoria, a gorgeous woman with a charitable spirit. The elves offer Kenneth a deal he can’t pass up.

They will match dollar for dollar every charity donation Victoria raises for the homeless and jobless, if she doesn’t give in to her Naughty Streak over the next 24 hours.

But is this a more literal Naughty Streak than Kenneth could ever imagine, and who will pay the bigger price, he or his innocent moral wife?


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Over 9,000 Words of Krismas Kreme!

Everyone in town knows Victoria Manders, the gorgeous brunette who each holiday season is promoting her new charity drives, this year for the homeless and less fortunate. Perhaps the man who knows her best is her husband and partner in all things, Kenneth Manders, a man with the unfortunate habit of sometimes running late.

It’s during one of these moments that Kenneth is frantically running down the stairs at a local hospital, having picked up some donation boxes along with his wife’s favorite Santa hat to hurry home where she needs them for a news interview that very evening.

With the elevators so slow, stairs seemed a good decision, but near the bottom of these stairs, Kenneth collides with a couple of very peculiar looking little men dressed as elves.

Figuring the men to be there for some hospital gig, Kenneth is annoyed, flustered by already being late and now having to pick up his boxes. But when the odd little men notice the name on one of the boxes, they seem quite thrilled to learn that they are headed for the quite lovely and sweet Victoria Manders.

Assuming the two to just be fans of his wife’s various public appearances, Kenneth is ready to hurry on his way, that is until one of the two funny looking elves offers him a wager too good to pass up.

These two self-proclaimed Naughty Elves, will match every donation dollar for dollar to Victoria’s charity foundation this year… if… and only if, she doesn’t give in to her naughty streak before 24 hours is up.

It’s the silliest thing Kenneth has ever heard since Victoria is tame even in their marriage, not a naughty bone in her body, the most virtuous, charitable, and innocent mind ever. Taking the Santa hat he dropped in their collision, and taking the odd little wager, Kenneth is on his way, never suspecting that the Naughty Elves may have done a little something to that Santa hat his wife always wears when promoting her charity causes this time of the year.

It’s at home a short while later that Victoria gets her first surprise of the next 24 hours, a surprise even Kenneth just assumes is something she chose to change about her hair style this Christmas season. After all, there’s nothing she can do to look any less beautiful, both inside and out.

But only Victoria knows what her new Naughty Streak is making her think, making her focus on, and only Victoria can ultimately decide whether she clings onto her last moral fiber, or she truly gives in and gives all of herself over to being absolutely without a doubt downright naughty this year and every year going forward.

Will Kenneth come to regret his wager with the Naughty Elves? Will his wife give much more than she ever should to the friendly homeless and jobless men who visit her the very next day? And will her Naughty Streak become an entirely new side the world has never seen of the once pure and morally wholesome Victoria Manders?

This Krismas, it’s a whole new Naughty Elves, and they might be on a real Streak of turning good girls of all ages into very very bad girls.


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