Jun 12 2019

Fertile Fields as they were meant to be

Fertile Fields (The Novel Set) by Kris P. Kreme

Anything is possible in the Fertile Fields of imagination, but just where is the town of Fertile Fields, and what are its secrets? It’s a town with many roads in, but are there any roads out? It’s a place like no other, and yet a place everyone has dreamed about, where anything is possible and everything is surreal.

Around every wrong turn, down every unknown road, beyond every lonely forest, there exists a place beyond imagination, a place where every perverse desire will be fulfilled, where every idle fantasy will be idolized, where every passing thought of lust will be unleashed.

In the town of Fertile Fields, much more than the fantasies are fertile, and those who find themselves lost in their travels may just discover a new home they never asked for, a place that will forever change them, a place their thoughts can’t escape from any better than their bodies… and their bodies will forever change to fit a depraved twisted reality that can only come from one author.

Just who is Riley Sloane, the mysterious wanderer who seems immune to the influence of Fertile Fields and determined to help those trapped there? What connection does he have to the impossibility of every fantasy unleashed, to a town outside the boundaries of reality where girls can be corrupted into obscene decadence and women can be reshaped like inflatable dolls?

For the very first time one of the earliest works from Kris P. Kreme is finally presented as it was intended, in one massive novel. 130,000 words of Kreme, fueled by mystery, suspense, and the unknown. Only the ending can prove more twisted than the journey to get there, and you will discover the origins of a place which has been visited and revisited in many forms… a place called Fertile Fields.


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