Jul 28 2019

Readers like a Bad Girl

Bimbo Bombed Bad Girl by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Bad Girl by Kris P. Kreme

After a sweet girl named Lizzy finds a seemingly lost cellphone in the donations her church is collecting, she makes the fateful mistake of seeing if the phone is unlocked, taking on more than a mere message meant for the original owner of that phone.

Lizzy has mistakenly been Bimbo Bombed, and the good girl may go forever bad unless she can somehow find a way out of this life and mind altering punishment she never deserved.


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On a cheery sunny summer morning, sweet wholesome church girl Lizzy is about to discover that sometimes falling into sinfully bad ways is not a decision she gets to resist making.

There’s few girls like Lizzy, always one of the first to arrive at church events, just like that fateful morning she shows up to help with donations for an upcoming church fundraising sale. She’s happy to help sort the incoming donations as the youth minister Pastor Quinton works outside getting the huge truck unloaded with the help of two of the older boys, Zack and Ben.

But when Lizzy discovers a cellphone she believes had to be mistakenly put in the donation boxes with all the other stuff, she only wants to see about finding the owner, doing another good deed for the day.

As they say no good deed goes unpunished, and for poor sweet Lizzy the punishment may forever change not only her life but everyone working around the church that day. Unlocking the phone, Lizzy is literally shocked and then fully unprepared for the message on screen, a message clearly meant for a female attorney named Cassandra.

Whoever sent this to Cassandra was not very happy at all her good deed meddling and in effect Lizzy has intercepted a Bimbo Bombing, one that will leave Lizzy forever a sinful bad girl, only capable of thinking of more and more bad things to do, unless she can get ten men off in under ten minutes.

Frightened and worried, the church janitor is the one who does his absolute best to help prevent what seems destined to happen, trying to destroy the phone before the timer counts all the way down… but just what will happen when he fails?

Is it possible a sweet wholesome virginal girl like Lizzy can truly become a whorishly bad slut of a girl, willing to do anyone and anything, only interested in being as bad as she can be forever and ever?

It’s a case of mistaken identity that truly has one church girl finding infinite reasons to repent, and only seeking to further outdo her own bad behavior. Readers Choice Month leaves a very special dangerous message on a lost cellphone, a message Lizzy really shouldn’t have read.


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