Sep 19 2019

SINtendo is very tasty

Tales from the Kremey Zone SINtendo Sweets by Kris P. Kreme

Tales from the Kremey Zone SINtendo Sweets by Kris P. Kreme

A special trip into the Kremey Zone gets literally Kremey with a mysterious box of doughnuts delivered on the day of a monthly meeting among the four heads of Gluttony Gaming.

Will things turn gluttonous in a very literal way among the four men and their ever helpful dedicated office girl Kaitlyn who delivers the doughnuts to their meeting?

Will young Kaitlyn find that a lot more than her future position in the company expands thanks to the aggressive encouragement of the bosses?

Find out as SINtendo September dives into The Kremey Zone.


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A new television series has taken over the air waves with new episodes each and every month. but you won’t find this show on any channel, only played out in the depths of your imagination again and again until you just can’t take any more. Witness what happens when the delicate balance of reality and logic is shattered at the most unexpected of times and those who are forever trapped inside… The Kremey Zone. This is one of those tales, where anything can happen to anyone for no reason at all.

Witness an ordinary day in the gaming industry, a monthly meeting of the four bosses behind one of the more successful names in gaming, Gluttony Gaming. Ironically not one of the four men is out of shape, overweight, or anything but healthy, the name of the company coming more from the popular saying Feed your need to feel every Cosmic Calorie.

Cosmic was the game that rocketed the company to fame back in the beginning and every year there are gaming conventions called Cosmic Calorie Counters, where the ultimate winner is the gamer with the most calories… but none of those gamers will ever take in the powerful calories about to be taken in at this otherwise ordinary meeting.

Kaitlyn is the office girl, a dedicated employee hoping to expand her position one day, and the only one besides the four heads of Gluttony Gaming to sit in on their monthly meetings. Usually she just brings the coffee, nothing fancy but each having specific tastes. Today however when Kaitlyn arrives just a couple of minutes late, delayed by the coffee shop, Carl the desk security guard at the door tells her that someone dropped off a large box of doughnuts for the meeting.

But is there more to an otherwise innocent looking box of doughnuts than merely high calorie sweets? They didn’t come with a note, but Kaitlyn is late as it is so takes the box with the four coffees and quickly heads up to the conference room on the top floor of Gluttony Gaming.

While coffee usually gets the boys energetic and focused on all the business at these meetings, one taste of the doughnuts has them up for something very different, and Kaitlyn may just find herself taking on new positions, and expanding her role in the company like she never imagined. This may be all of their first steps into… The Kremey Zone.


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