Dec 14 2019

Krismas grows on you

All I Want: Making it Big by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want: Making it Big by Kris P. Kreme

Jessica might be a petite woman, small all over, but she’s always had big ambitions. Working at a fashion magazine, she’s always wanted to make it big in the industry. Naturally she never would be able to model, but writing articles, interviewing big names, she could do a lot more than she’s doing now.

But after impulsively making a wish one night on the Santa Star, a comet which appears each year for 25 days in December, Jessica might soon be feeling a lot more than the weight of a wish come true.

The 12 Days of Krismas brings readers everything they could wish for, and more than they can handle.


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Jessica always had big aspirations, big dreams, but all those big hopes and ambitions came in quite the petite tiny package. Working in a fashion magazine, proofreading and editing articles, she really wants to do her own interviews, write her own articles, to do her best to make it big in the fashion industry. But could a wish on the Santa Star somehow change so much more than she ever imagined?

Each year for 25 days in the December sky, a comet now returns, named the Santa Star, and ever since it appeared there have been rumors of making a wish on it. After a busy day at the magazine she works for, finding no luck in getting permission to contribute more to the magazine, Jessica makes a wish, mostly just for fun, to hopefully make herself feel better. She wishes to make it big in fashion, to be a name everyone knows, the biggest thing in fashion and to have fun with it.

But the next morning, Jessica wakes up a bit sore, thinking she’s slept wrong. One look down at her chest tells her that it wasn’t just sleeping wrong, her nipples thicker than usual, her usually non-existent breasts a tad bigger than she thinks they usually are.

It’s on the way into work, outside the building, that Jessica suffers the first of many sporadic attacks. An attack is the only way she can describe it, a wave of heat flooding her body with feelings she never had before, leaving her uncontrollably thrashing about on the ground, flopping about. And after each attack, Jessica’s breasts are slightly larger.

Managing to hide the attacks from coworkers for the most part, hidden away in her cubical, burying herself in her work, a day at the fashion magazine starts to take an unusual toll on Jessica. With each attack she is feeling more lingering heat, more unusual thoughts, and her chest is getting bigger and bigger, past the point of perky, past the point of heavy, and before she can even think of leaving the office to find some sort of help for what’s happening to her, Jessica may be feeling a whole lot more than the weight of a dream come true.

Will the sweet innocent Jessica finally get noticed more around the office? Will she bring new meaning to the words ‘making it big in fashion’? And just what sort of fashion will Jessica be modeling? Find out during the most magical time of the year with another wish granted on the always tricky Santa Star.


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