Dec 16 2019

You can lose your mind traveling at Krismas

Just PLANE Entertaining by Kris P. Kreme

Just PLANE Entertaining by Kris P. Kreme

Flying on a private plane back from the city, a friendly familiar doctor with a way with words meets an exquisitely dressed secretary on the plane with three annoyingly drunk coworkers.

Having a little chat, the doc discusses that perhaps the way to deal with those coworkers is to just give them a bit of what they want, take the fascination away so they’ll stop being so persistently annoying all the time.

Despite the logic getting skewed, Scarlett begins to find the idea perfectly reasonable, and before long she may just become the in flight entertainment this Christmas.

When traveling over the 12 Days of Krismas, remember to strike up stimulating conversations.


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Alone with several men from work, Scarlett has to escape their drunken ridiculousness on a private flight back from the city where an annual office Christmas party took place. Her escape leads her toward the front of the plane where she finds a most interesting and refreshingly polite doctor to strike up conversation with.

Dressed in her nicest red dress for the party, Scarlett is quick to point out that she’s just a glorified secretary, but the company provided multiple private planes to fly everyone in and out of the city this year. She just happened to get stuck on a plane with the most annoying coworkers, whether it’s Nate who stares at her legs all the time, Darnell who can’t take his eyes off her ass, or Brad who’s perhaps most annoying in always leering at her breasts.

But the doctor is quite friendly and seemingly respectful. Even if he’s only on the flight because his flight got canceled and the airport called around, finding this private plane with enough seats to accommodate him, Scarlett would much rather be talking to him than dealing with drunk pervy men from work.

However as the conversation continues, the talkative doctor mentions that escaping a problem like those coworkers might not be the same as solving it. As he puts it, the way to get those guys to stop always checking her out might be to simply make them think that’s exactly what she wants. If they assume she wants something, maybe they will back off and no longer be as interested, the same logic behind dealing with bullies in grade school. If they don’t get a rise out of you, they go away.

As the doc puts it, a little in flight entertainment might do the men some good, and since they are drunk, it’s not like they’ll even remember much of what Scarlett does to keep them entertained. But they will be getting what they want, and giving them what they want might finally get them to stop being so pervy around Scarlett in the office.

Still… is there something off about the logic this friendly doctor is using? Why is it starting to make so much sense to Scarlett? And what reason could she have to actually give those men she hates more than just a good look at the body they so drunkenly lust over?

Sometimes a good conversation can bring all sorts of resolution to problems, often in ways you never would have imagined, but for one friendly and quite persuasive doctor, this holiday flight chat is all Just PLANE Entertaining.


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