Feb 29 2020

There’s something about Another Leap Day

Another Leap Day by Kris P. Kreme

Another Leap Day by Kris P. Kreme

It was just last Leap Day that Sam discovered something amazing. Wishes can come true, but only if you make the wish on Leap Day, and only if you do a rather silly little ritual before making the wish.

A lot has changed since Leap Day, Sam now graduated from college, twenty-two years old, and the memories of that day turned him into a hopeless pervert. Cooper always thought his friend he met in college was imaginative but now Sam seems crazy.

But will an effort to prove Sam delusional this Leap Day end up proving his crazy claims true… and even worse, proving that any guy can become a depraved pervert when any wish they make comes true on Another Leap Day?


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Cooper has dealt with his imaginative friend Sam’s crazy stories about the last leap day for four years now. He met Sam after the leap day right before they both were in college and recently they’ve both graduated early with honors, but anyone will tell you there is nothing honorable about Sam’s intentions for this year’s leap day.

It’s the extra day in a leap year, the day that otherwise doesn’t exist, and Sam claims on the last leap day he figured out that there’s something very special about today. At first Cooper and Sam’s other college friends all thought it was just his creative imagination, but there comes a limit to where imagination ends and crazy begins.

Cooper always considered Sam a friend but Sam has driven away most friends, including Emma who he repeatedly told lurid stories about wishing into a lifeless sex doll he repeatedly did depraved things to until she exploded, multiple times.

Of course Emma graduated with them both and was weirded out by the way Sam always looked at her, something Sam explained away by claiming he just wished her back to normal before the day was over. If only Emma knew the stories Sam would tell in incredible detail, stories of what he wished of her by performing the very specific and ridiculous sounding ritual required on leap day to make wishes come true.

As Sam has always claimed, on leap day, and only only leap day, one can make any wish they want and have it come true, but first they have to hop three times, the Leap Day Leap as he took to calling it, then spin fully around, and finally give a wolf whistle. After that, any wish spoken comes true immediately.

Calling up Cooper on leap day morning, waking him early on a Saturday of all things, Sam is all hyped up about his plans this year. He’s heading to a mall and is unafraid to share what perverted details he will be wishing and enjoying on every sexy milf there, milfs and daughters, anyone and everyone really. But Cooper doesn’t have time for Sam’s delusions.

Unlike Sam, whose father happened to have connections with Kinsley Investment, Cooper doesn’t have a job waiting for him now that he’s graduated. He needs to actually network on his own, and fortunately he has just the way to do that.

Deckard Kinsley is having a party with a number of his investors this afternoon and Cooper has gotten a gig as one of the help staff serving at the party. All he has to do is get a moment with Deckard to talk and mention his internship he served with Kinsley Investment while in college and he’s sure he can get an interview to join the prestigious company.

It’s bad enough they have someone like Sam joining the group, Sam who seems more than a bit crazy and leers at every woman he meets, seeing them more as potential future leap day conquests than people. Managing to get Sam off the phone, Cooper puts his ridiculous leap day claims behind him, and sure enough things go well.

After getting to talk with Deckard Kinsley, the man is impressed enough to promise an interview on Monday, so all is good. And then Deckard asks a favor of Cooper, a favor which whether he knows it or not will cost him a whole lot more than he could ever imagine.

Deckard Kinsley has a beautiful eighteen year old daughter, one that reminds Cooper of his little sister, and one Sam has already made mention of since she’s admittedly very cute. The problem is, Kendall Kinsley is moping a bit, not dressed for all the guests her father has coming to this lavish party and Deckard would really appreciate if Cooper took the lead on politely getting her to maybe make herself scarce for the evening.

Cooper has already witnessed a father daughter argument and clearly that is what Deckard wants to avoid having someone else handle his daughter, but what Cooper never suspects is that their argument was over a very familiar creep named Sam.

It’s upstairs in the quiet of her bedroom that Kendall opens up about the creep her father’s company has hired. She’s already seen enough of him to feel weirded out. Something about Sam is unnerving because he just stares at her and grins, like he’s hungry and she’s a snack.

So Cooper has a plan, a way to quite possibly finally prove to Sam that his stupid fantasies of wishes come true are weird and he needs to either shape up or get another job. Either way it might help put Kendall at ease, and as Cooper sees it, doing a favor for both his hopefully new boss and that boss’ daughter could only help him in the long run.

But something goes very wrong. When Cooper lets Kendall set her phone up to video a little demonstration proving the stupid wish ritual does nothing and only looks silly, he makes a simple wish… a wish that she has red hair.

It’s the obvious wish to prove nothing happens, since she clearly has an attractive but rather mousy brown color to her hair. Yet the wish comes true… and that opens a world of possibilities and perhaps perversions Cooper never imagined he could have.

Four years have passed, readers, but little has changed in the world of the Kreme. It’s another leap year, and… Another Leap Day.


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