Better check the batteries in that Remote

Remote Possibilities: A New King of the Boob Tube by Kris P. Kreme

Remote Possibilities: A New King of the Boob Tube by Kris P. Kreme

Lawrence King created a remote control to make life easier… but little do most know that the remote made far more than just life easier. His young neighbor Will has seen all the odd behavior, the big grins, the remarkable physical changes in Willow, King’s stepdaughter.

He’s determined to figure out what is going on, having always had an overactive imagination. Unfortunately another thing he has is a nagging girlfriend who thinks he’s being a creep spying on the neighbors.

But when Lawrence King asks Will to check the mail and water plants while he and the family are away, Will just might become A New King of the Boob Tube after discovering the all powerful remote.


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Will is absolutely convinced that something strange has been going on at the house next door, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Of course living next door to the enigmatic and mostly private Lawrence King might cause anyone to be suspicious. He’s always kept to himself, works from home, gets all sorts of mysterious packages, and most notably lately has seemed a whole lot happier.

Lawrence King’s son Casey was the first Will noticed behaving differently whenever he was seen entering or leaving the house. He couldn’t explain it, Casey just seemed a whole lot more satisfied with life. The same with his father, but the biggest change that anyone who even glanced over would notice was Lawrence King’s stepdaughter Willow. The girl had always been a rather typically stuck up cheerleader, but is it Will’s imagination or has she both physically and mentally seemed quite different lately, sometimes even different from day to day.

Naturally in Will’s imaginative mind it’s a great conspiracy, all sorts of things he could think up to explain what has happened to the King household. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend who happens to live on the other side of his home doesn’t appreciate his imagination quite so much. As she puts it, he’s being a creepy pervert or at least looking that way with how he’s always peeking over the fence in his backyard trying to gather dirt on the big mystery of what has happened to Lawrence King and his family.

Connie is a relationship he probably would have sworn would turn out better than it has. She’s hot, which by an eighteen year old guy’s standards should count for a lot, but Connie has slowly become a bit of a bitch, always complaining about him, demanding one thing after another and certainly not rewarding him the way a guy might prefer. She’s essentially acting more as his mother than girlfriend, talking about how he should be studying more to keep that scholarship so they can go to college together in the fall.

It’s ironic too, Will thinks, because Connie’s own mother might be the main reason he has stuck with his girlfriend through all the nagging annoyances. Jessica is easily the hottest milf he ever saw. Like her daughter, she’s blonde but somehow a more lively blonde. Like Connie she has a great figure, but somehow it’s beyond great, the curves more than he needs to imagine. And shockingly Jessica looks young enough to be Connie’s sister, something he’s never disappointed in appreciating whenever he gets the chance.

But no one is going to change Will’s mind that something weird has happened over recent weeks at the King home, and all he needs to do is get a look inside.

Fate seems to have just that opportunity in store for him one day when Lawrence King sees him out and calls him over. It seems that since Lawrence King’s wife arrived back home, they all could use a vacation, some time away from home together. Since it was a quickly planned trip Lawrence is wondering if Will can bring in any packages, maybe water the plants while they are away.

Naturally when Lawrence King and the family are barely down the street, Will is already rushing over with the key, finally entering the location of the biggest mystery he can remember keeping him up at night. There’s got to be something strange going on in that house, something he can find evidence of. But when everything inside the King house looks disappointingly normal, Will is starting to get bummed out.

And that is when he finds Lawrence King’s workshop, the man clearly some sort of inventor or gadget guy. It’s in the center of his workshop that Will spots a little pedestal with a card next to it, the card reading Top Secret. Yet on that pedestal is sadly just a rather ordinary looking universal remote control.

Picking it up, flipping it over, there’s nothing all that special about it, but before Will can leave the front door opens and Connie walks in with her mother, having spotted him darting around the bushes and heading towards the neighbor’s house.

Startled by his bitchy girlfriend’s obvious attempt to catch him in the act and get him in trouble, Will jumps, dropping the remote control… and that is when he inadvertently squeezes a button.

Trying to quickly explain that he’s supposed to be there, scrambling to pick the remote back up, Will barely notices for a moment that neither Jessica nor her daughter are moving at all. In fact they seem absolutely frozen, not even breathing… and as he looks at the remote he realizes he hit the pause button.

Just what is this impossible remote that seemingly can control everything and everyone? More importantly, what uses will the always imaginative Will find for it now that he knows what it does? He’s always wanted to punish Connie for her controlling manipulative attitude… and he’s always just wanted Jessica, her hot milf of a mom. He’d known there was a reason Lawrence King and Casey looked so happy, but Will never imagined he might be the New King of the Boob Tube when he solved the mystery.


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