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Tune in Today, Toon Out Tomorrow Part One by Kris P. Kreme

Tune in Today, Toon Out Tomorrow Part One by Kris P. Kreme

In 1981 campus nerd Terry Nernan and his roommate campus hunk Donald Keyes changed forever. A friendship became a battle over Donald’s sister Marcia. And the ripple effects of their fight would be felt for generations.

Seeking a sound that can change the universe itself, Terry discovers the metal to form a tuning fork that can tune people into their most perverse ideals. In battle with his once friend Donald, Donk E. Dickthruster is created, a cartoon hunk who grants reality altering wishes.

Their fight is only the beginning. From a game developer in early 80s Japan to a protest group looking to create chaos at a political rally, the world would Tune in Today, Toon Out Tomorrow.


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Over 19,000 Words of Kreme!

In 1981 two vastly different college roommates were a very odd pairing, linked by the pure chance of sharing a room for several years and a sister to one that the other was attracted to. But it was the love of something much different that would forever change these two and through them the entire world.

Terry Nernan was as much a geek as there could be, awkward, small, and always obsessed with research no one else understood. He rarely if ever socialized, was intelligent but intelligence never proved a good defense against the constant harassment and bullying a nerd like Terry found so frequently on campus.

However that defense came quite effectively from an unlikely friend, his roommate Donald Keyes, known to everyone as Donkey. Donkey was a fun loving massive musclehead, not the brightest but the biggest most ever saw. He was quite popular with both the girls and the guys, always had a big grin, and loved cartoons almost as much as the perfect popular reality life had dealt him.

Yet there was someone else they both had in their lives, and that was Marcia Keyes, every bit as perfect in female form as her brother Donkey was in male. She was a gorgeous blonde who was as sweet as ever, and she was one of the few bright spots in Terry’s life. Unlike most girls he could talk to her, and unlike all, she actually seemed to get what he was doing.

Terry Nernan had always been obsessed with harmonics and the perfect sound. He’d played just about every instrument he could, been in band since he could remember, and was currently convinced that the perfect tune could reshape everything. Tuning forks have been used for centuries, a tiny simple piece of metal formed into something that alone can reshape and perfect the harmonious tones of massive orchestras. But what if there was a tuning fork that could vibrate within the molecular structure of reality itself… something beyond any currently known science?

Terry has spent two years trying to find the perfect metal to melt down and form into his tuning fork. He’s studied sciences most never would comprehend, and only in his downtime and the moments between obsessions has he admired Marcia from afar.

When Don or Donkey as he insists on being called has an unexpected overnight stay out of town for a wrestling meet, a series of events will happen that change the unlikely friends and the world forever after. And it all begins when Terry is chased away by punk bullies after looking for pieces of metal to melt down in the old scrapyard.

Stumbling through the forest, Terry trips and falls, hits his head on a strangely out of place green metallic rock. It’s when he sits up, Terry realizes he can hear everything incredibly clear, from the drip drip drip of recent rainfall in the trees to the chirping of birds. Hitting his head on the strange almost glowing green rock seems to have caused a brief harmonic tuning like he’s never seen before. And if it can do that, what could the green metallic material do once melted down and blended with other metals into the tuning fork he has been trying to create?

Terry Nernan was always the loser, the geek, the one who never got the world as he wanted it… but while his roommate is away he will create a tuning fork more powerful than he ever could have imagined, and upon tuning himself, will forever become known as Tuner.

But giving yourself all the power you ever wanted, the power to tune others into twisted versions of themselves, all from your own desires can be more corrupting than anything simple power does to a man, especially a geeky young man who never had anything go his way. And when Marcia Keyes stops by the dorm looking for her brother, Terry might finally get in tune with a sex life he never had.

When Donkey returns, the once giant powerful best friend will become an enemy who can be a very real threat, even to a character like Tuner. Yet he, like everyone, can be re-tuned with his own reality, tuned and turned into the animated hunk with an obsession to rush in and save the day, this time by granting wishes… a grinning simpleton forever named Donk E. Dickthruster.

But 1981 was only the beginning of these two powerful friends turned foes. Throughout years and years, they would continue on exploits and interactions, changing individuals and groups and those changes would ripple across the world in a seedy underbelly of corruption and perversion of innocence everywhere. So Tune in Today… and Toon Out Tomorrow as this is where it all began.


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