Jun 08 2020

It’s time again

Tune in Today, Toon Out Tomorrow Part Two by Kris P. Kreme

Tune in Today, Toon Out Tomorrow Part Two by Kris P. Kreme

In 1981, a campus nerd and his campus stud roommate changed forever. The nerd became Tuner, wielding a powerful tuning fork that can re-tune anything or anyone it touches. The hulking roommate became Donk E. Dickthruster, animated wish granting pervert.

Their friendship was over as they went their ways, but the world was just beginning to feel their impact, one encounter at a time. Through decades they would each find themselves changing the lives of those they came across, whether for better or worse, always for the perverse.

But what would happen when these powerful enemies came face to face with each other nearly 30 years later? A battle that would leave a scar on reality itself.


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In 1981 two vastly different college roommates became good friends, linked by chance, sharing a room for several years. But it was their differences that would ultimately transform the both of them into enemies of similarly world altering powers.

Terry Nernan, a small statured geek if there ever was one, let his fascination and obsession with finding the perfect harmonic tone lead him to the creation of the tuning fork. It was that fork which turned him from Terry Nernan into Tuner, a quirky man throughout the next decades who would use his fork to tune people into perversions of their fantasies, giving them what they desired but not how they desired it.

Donald Keyes, known to campus friends as Donkey due to his brutish size and strength, simple nature, was a protector to his small smart friend Terry. But when Terry tuned his sister for his own enjoyment, the friendship was over and the only protection Terry had was to forever tune the hulking angry campus hunk into a cartoon creature of wishful inking. From his fascinations with cartoons came Donk E. Dickthruster, the same powerful hunk, this time compelled by a need to help others by granting warped wishes to re-write their realities with his animated pen for a dick.

But 1981 was only the beginning of these two powerful friends turned foes. For decades the two would find their way around the world, encountering strangers whose lives they forever changed, whether for the good or bad of their own perverse nature. And Tuner and Donk would be tuning and tooning some of the craziest people, places, and things into existence.

From the Japanese creator of a game system that would go on to become SINtendo, to the chaotic terrorist group that would become S.M.U.T. to a guy named Jack who had ambitions for a beach bar where everyone could have a Good Time… to a little place in the middle of nowhere that had many roads in but no roads out. Tuner traveled, and Donk’s animated antics found their way in various forms… until the one unexpected day when these two powerful foes met again face to face nearly thirty years later.

It’s time again to Tune in Today… and Toon Out Tomorrow as this is where it all ends.


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  1. Booker

    Wow, It’s crazy to that there is enough material for the author to make their own “Avengers” of Mind Control Smut.

    Awesome story!

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