Jul 02 2020

Better think twice about that job offer Readers

Hiring Practices by Kris P. Kreme

Hiring Practices by Kris P. Kreme

When Monique Abernathy got hired on the basis of being evaluated for her final job position at SCC, she was thrilled, even though SCC, a gaming consulting company, was the last place she expected to hear back from.

Little does she know her new coworkers are debating just what job opening she should fill, and her new hiring and personnel manager is playing a very special game to make sure she has exactly the qualifications to make her employment more enjoyable for everyone.

As smart as she is, getting hired here might truly be quite the draining experience for a woman like Monique. Readers Choice Month 2020 begins with a brand new job!


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Monique Abernathy is well aware that her qualifications for working at a place like SCC are limited at best. Yet she’s determined to stay positive and hope for the best, especially after she was hired on a preliminary basis until she can be better fit into what hopefully will become a permanent position.

At the age of forty-one, Monique has been stressing about finding a new job. It’s definitely not the age a lot of places are going to look at first, but SCC miraculously has given her a real shot at permanent employment. Clearly something in her job history or experience has impressed someone, so on the day she is there to start out and be assessed, Monique just hopes she can prove herself dedicated enough to keep whatever position they put her in.

As a gaming company that apparently consults on and evaluates a wide variety of specified and categorized video games, Monique was surprised she even was called back after applying. Little does she know that SCC happens to stand for SINtendo Consulting Company, and not only is it a casual company made up of mostly men half her age, they have quite the specialized opening for a woman with qualifications like Monique has.

The problem is, while Monique might be absolutely dedicated to keeping a job here at SCC, her hiring director has a few very essential assessments she needs to undergo to ensure she and her job are the perfect fit.

Being out of work is never a game, but an attractive woman named Monique Abernathy is about to find out that getting hired can lead to games she just can’t win, but her new coworkers are definitely going to score.

Readers Choice Month 2020 reminds everyone out there who might be looking for a job, always bring your A game, except when you can bring your DD game instead.


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