Aug 08 2020

Selfies get warmed up

Selfies From Kastle Kreme #47 - MOOdern Mysteries & Seated by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies From Kastle Kreme #47 – MOOdern Mysteries & Seated by Kris P. Kreme

Summer isn’t over and it’s time for more Selfies to pass the time in this very strange year. First up, have you caught up on your television watching? Because you might have missed Modern Mysteries. A cult hit is about to squeeze the most out of ratings like you’ve never imagined. Next up, feeling like a prank for that good girl in your life? She might go bad, and all without standing up.

This Selfies includes:

MOOdern Mysteries – On a small mysterious island in the South Pacific, three television investigators of supernatural and paranormal happenings find themselves truly lost in the Valley of the Vines. In the show Modern Mysteries, famed and feared locales around the world are explored, but tonight under the full moon, it may be perversions that are explored, thanks to the mysterious power of this exotic place.

Seated – Wanting to play a trick on his innocent girlfriend Beth, Ryan may just put an immediate end to that innocence after buying a high quality prank chair called a Sex Seat. Supposedly it can give orgasms to any woman that sits in it based off their weight, and when it turns out the advertising is very true, both Beth and Ryan may end up taking things a lot further than they ever expected.


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