Aug 22 2020

Time for a Soda

Silly Slut Soda by Kris P. Kreme

Silly Slut Soda by Kris P. Kreme

After an adult marital aid is pulled from the market due to perverted side effects, one man will make sure the world learns of Silly Slut Soda.

Released under the name Silly Soda, branded as all natural non-soda, three normal interactions will turn slutty in three different ways.

A mother has the talk with her shy eighteen year old daughter, a tennis coach reassures his best student about concerns over guys on campus, and a young tutor tries to make sense of math for a close friend.

Will the mother talk her daughter into being a slut? Will the coach train his prized student to play like one? And will the tutor take lessons from the student in becoming a slutty whore?


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It was originally created as a marital aid, intended to spice things up in the bedroom between consenting adults, but Silly Slut Soda was shut down by an inquiry most never knew about before the product ever went into full production. Blended with a cocktail of chemicals and natural proteins purported to be aphrodisiacs, in non-FDA trials, the sodas were found to permanently bypass common decency and rational decision making.

But the man behind Silly Slut Soda wasn’t about to let anyone have the last laugh at his expense, much less over some taste testers going the way of sin and debauchery after consuming his specially blended soda… and that is exactly where Silly Soda was born.

As the advertisements say, ‘Chug back a mouthful of the soda that isn’t soda… isn’t that Silly?’. Brought to market in select cities around the company, promoted as the latest and greatest of the non-soda sodas, Silly Soda was quickly embraced, but no one could ever suspect the results of trying to make a healthier decision in beverages.

Vicky is sitting down to have a serious and overdue conversation with her daughter Madison, now that Madison is going to be heading out on her first date. A late bloomer, Madison is eighteen but has been shy and awkward for years, putting off the normal mother daughter talk about boys and in Vicky’s mind, the importance of making sure Madison doesn’t give those boys any chance to do something inappropriate.

Coach Jeff Travis has rarely had a tennis student as strong as Kelly is, having coached her for six years back when she first entered high school and now into her college years. Kelly is a sure bet to go pro and make the tournaments, talented and confident. But today Kelly has to share some concerns about guys on campus and the attitudes they have.

Kerry is barely older than Ben who she’s tutoring for math. At eighteen he hates even needing a tutor, especially Kerry, and especially as she came dressed for a date later in a fairly revealing dress. But Ben and Kerry have always been closer than friends, growing up so close that Kerry practically saw Ben’s parents as her parents, him like the brother she never had. But math is just not going well, despite Kerry’s best efforts at staying on topic during the tutoring session.

Silly Soda will forever change the entire direction Vicky’s mother daughter talk goes, descending good intentions into bad behavior that both mother and daughter are eager to share with Madison’s date and his friends.

Silly Soda will cool off the rising Tennis star Kelly while heating both her and Coach Travis up all the same, leading to quite the different attitudes toward guys who see her as a sexy in her skimpy tennis outfits.

And Silly Soda will turn a lesson in math to a lesson in submission for Kerry as she discovers that the numbers Ben might be most interested in is the amount of money he could make selling her off to friends and family.

Silly Slut Soda may have been pulled from the adult market, but the world will know just what lusty success it could have had, quenching much more than these unsuspecting people’s thirst. They say soda is bad for you, but Silly Slut Soda just makes you… bad.


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